Ali Lovers

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  1. do you still love them? I have one in the whiskey that I have not used yet because I am not sure of the flap. HELP!
  2. I'm looking to buy either this or the Leigh. I'm kinda wondering about the flap too, I think as an everyday bag it would get annoying after awhile having to open that big flap all the time.
    Can anyone fill us in!! TIA!!!
  3. I have a black one and I am still in love with her, although my black patent ergo has temporarily taken over as the black bag of choice lately. I don't find that the flap is hard to get in and out of.....if I'm just putting my phone or something back in the bag I can almost do that without taking it off my shoulder.
  4. Here I am!!!! Out of the 9 bags I own 6 are Ali's. I have always preferred flaps, I can see how some may not appreciate them, but I don't like zippers scuffing my leather accessories. Zip top's and open tops of course are the most convenient to get in/out of.

    What I appreciate about a flap is I don't have to always fasten the turnlock, the flap is over and the contents stay in, and thieves are somewhat deterred! Ali is my most favorite size and style, the length and width of the strap is "PERFECT" oh, Ali is just perfect! I just pulled out my Charcoal Suede Metallic Ali, :love::love::love:it!!!

    Leigh top handle with a flap is such a feminine bag! :girlsigh:
  5. I think I'm waffling between an Ali and the large Bleeker Flap. I guess it depends on if I get a PCE (or some KIND tpf-er shares their's with me) and if it can be used on the Ali (which I think would have to be ordered).:confused1:
  6. As long as it's in raisin I think I will be content with either LOL!!!
  7. I love mine still. :smile:
  8. off topic..but I had to say "I LOVE YOUR AVATAR PICTURE!!!!" He's my absolute fave character on "The Office".:heart: My husband and I are addicted to that show!!!:woohoo:

    Back to topic.......I bought the shoulder flap (07 Ali version) but returned because that flap was HUGE. I hated flappin' that flap. I really like zippers and am loving the Chelsea turnlock closures. I think if the flap is smaller and not so cumbersome, anyone could get used to it. Its the really big flap bags that are hard to learn to like!:yes: (you liked that sentence)
  9. I had to sell my 07 FLAP, I used it and unfortunately, discovered it has the most absolutely longest flap ever . . .
  10. I have the white leather Ali and it's absolutely gorgeous!! I've only used it a couple of times so far, but the flap hasn't really bothered me... I do prefer zippers over flaps, but this bag is just too fabulous to care!!
  11. I love my whiskey Ali. I find its plenty roomy, the flap doesn't bother me but occasionally it gets a little heavy. Its a bag I could see having for years.
  12. I thought when I bought my Ali(s) that the flap would be something I would need to get use to. To my surprise....I have loved it from the get go. I agree with Entheos that I find the flap great for not having to always use the turn lock. I have not been bothered by it at all. In fact, I agree that I feel my items are more secure. The shoulder drop is perfect...not an "arm pit" bag like some. Fits snug but comfortable with the wide strap. I honestly find my 06 legacy shoulder bags more of a pain that my Ali. They feel heavier for some reason. Maybe it is the weight distribution.

    The Ali is the perfect size for all my needs. I absolutely LUV LUV LUV this bag. My favorite is my black signature as it is lightweight for everyday.

    I now have several signature....khaki/black signature.....Black leather.....whiskey.....and FINALLY I now have my white leather Ali:yahoo:

    So to answer the original question.......I still love Ali. I just wish there were a few more colors:crybaby: So sad that Ali was discontinued .
  13. I love my Ali(s), and the flaps are no problem getting in and out of. Sometimes I also leave the turnlock open; with the bag on my shoulder and my arm over the flap, I feel safe.

    I originally purchased the Plum Suede, and I recently bought the Whiskey Leather, I couldn't resist it!

    IMO, the ALI is a classicly styled bag that is timeless in it's design.
  14. I love the Ali and I hate that it isn't made any longer. I've had to argue with my manager (a guy!) that the shoulder flap just IS NOT the same as the Ali. Anyway, I had two and either returned or sold them because the flap bugged me. Once I realized it wasn't available any longer though I rethought it and wound up with a white one. I love the shape but for me the flap took some getting used to. I think it can be done though. I would love to have one is whiskey, I hate I returned that one!!!
  15. I love my Alis. I have four Alis - white, black, whiskey and brown. I would not think of parting with any of them. This to me is the quinttessential, iconic and timeless Coach Bag made ever. If I had to choose just one bag to keep in my extensive collection it would have to be my Alis. The only downside is that I cannot wear them in the rain and it rains here alot in NYC, for this reason I have my Black Ali which I can wear in any kind of weather as well as my Bleekers. Just look at her and tell me she is not perfect gorgeous.