Ali lovers, is your whiskey Ali color the same as last years?

  1. I just got, yep, another whiskey Ali slim flap, 10327 that I had given up last year in regret. It seems to me to be a very different texture to me and smooth with less variation in color than last years. I was missing mine so much and I saw a Coach SA with hers , it had turned a dark brown with a wonderful patina. I do not think I like this smooth, dark, version of this bag and its' orangey dark color. It is like this years whiskey flap. I had so hoped these were last years bags. I do not know what to do. This is a small store I used and when you return there, they are just not so happy, for it takes away from the total of the day. I understand that, but this is just not what I expected in smooth and smooshy whiskey like last year's. Anyone have this experience...Thanks!!!
  2. 10327 is going to be the same from last year as they didn't make the Ali for the new Legacy. If you were able to get it, then it was made when the Ali's were made, last year. The leathers differ and the color of the whiskey will vary due to what ever part of the hide they used.

    You might want to make up your mind if you really want to keep it or not, since I checked a couple days ago and there were no Ali's left in JAX.
  3. that is so weird allison i checked like 2 weeks ago and they had a lot of ali s left... hmmm maybe they sent them to the outlets???
  4. I'm not sure what happened to them, but I had a lady come in looking for a white Ali. I looked up the number and there were none. I did, however sell her a white Hippie in it's place.
  5. The Slim Flap in white is probably sold out but there may be other colors still available. I bought my white slim flap (10327) when there were only 5 left and that was a few weeks or more ago. I just bought the natural slim flap a couple of days ago and there were about 40 left in JAX. Last I checked there were about 800 black! LOL!

    Sorry you aren't happy with your whiskey slim flap. I think they vary so much from one bag to the next, it's just hard to tell what you're going to get. Whether the boutique likes it or not though, if you don't like it return or exchange it. It's too much to pay for a bag that you don't love.
  6. I think we're talking about two different bags here. The slim flap and Ali are two different bags.
  7. Yeah, I realized we were talking about different bags. Rainbow's bag is the slim flap too rather than the Ali. 10327 is the slim flap, 10329 is the Ali.

    I wonder if they produced more whiskey slim flaps and used the 07 leather?

    Lynn, Remember that they ran out of black but produced more? Maybe that would explain the difference in leather that you are talking about? Have you grown to love it yet or still thinking about returning?
  8. unless they were produced in EARLY 07, then no. It's just whatever part of the hide they used.
  9. Hi, Ladies. I'm sorry, I'm still fairly new to Coach. The Slim Flap and the Ali look similar to me, can anyone please tell me what the difference(s) are between the two? Thanks!

  10. Basically the Ali is just wider than the slim flap. I 'think' the Ali is 5" wide (or deep) while the slim flap is about 2" deep. For me, that means less bulk under my arm. I can fit everything I need in the slim flap without it being too heavy or bulky for me.
  11. Thank you for explaining, tlloveshim! I haven't seen either one IRL. From the photos, both of them appear to have beautiful leather material with similar hardware. Do you know how much their retail prices are? Thanks!
  12. Jessa, the leather Ali (10329) is $498, I believe and the slim flap (10327) is $428. It sounds like there may not be any Alis in JAX now from what Allison shared but there are slim flaps left. There are signature slim flaps too (10338) but I'm not sure about signature Alis. If you get one be sure to share with us!!
  13. If you don't like it, you should really return it. Even if it is a small store, that's what they're there for.
  14. I brought the slim whiskey back in and re-ordered it. There were only 9 left from a 50 2 days before in stock. They insisted it is a 2006 bag and the leather should be the same. I like the leather better on the Ali, slim or regular size in last years and yes, the slim is lighter and less bulky. Would you guys keep it if it is the same color? To my eye it is more like this years and sort of a orangey dull and thick leather. Thanks!!!! Happy Happy Thanksgiving!!!
  15. I returned it and re-ordered for it was not perfect dots? not acceptable. We shall see what the next one looks like. If it still looks like really orange pumpkin, it goes back to the store. I spend enough there. and I always get something else..probably spend as much or more, even if it is not on that day. I had just wanted that bag. I understand the leather changes every season or tweaks they do. I just so loved the lighter whiskey. Eh, certainly not even close in the important things in life I am grateful for at all...just a chance here to vent to my buddies who do understand these things..I missed all of you.... :heart: