Ali Leather Shoulder Flap

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  1. I purchased this bag last week from the boutique and it arrived today. I do adore it, but have one question: is anyone else nervous about keeping the interior clean? The legacy strip lining is beautiful but looks like it can be easily stained (pen, lipstick, etc.). Anything I can do to protect it?

    Oh and the vintage leather is awesome! :love:
  2. Oh, yeah! I have a 5 year old little boy and I keep candy in my purse - which he frequently forages for. Everytime I walk by my purse and see that flap up I just cringe when I think of the those grimy, dirty little hands all over my new purse! I also got the wallet in the silk stripe and my daughter (8) loves to handle it. :lol: Of course I only handle it on the edges and she lays her whole hands all over it. I gotta learn to let go and just enjoy it. Anyway, they make a cleaner that is new which is supposed to work really well- will have to get some of that! Once I get my mind set right - after the initial newness wears off, I'll just have to enjoy it - clean or dirty. Anyway, I was looking at the vintage Bonnie Cashin bags with similar linings and they seem to have held up well for being 30-40 years old. Of course, they may have just sat in a closet for all I know....
  3. I've been using my Ali for a few weeks now - haven't gotten a spot on the lining (but then I don't have any kids storing candy in my purse). I keep potentially messy items like lipgloss and lipsticks in a separate case inside - maybe a separate candy bag will help keep your bag's interior looking good?
  4. I just ordered these for my Speedy and Balenciaga in particular (and for gifts) and I think they'll be perfect. They have ones with adorable flashlights too. Right now everything is in it's own case which is ok too but I think these will be just what I need. Especially since the City B bag has that useless dinky pocket.

    The Ultimate Purse Organizer by Joey Junior
  5. I love my joey junior purse organizers! They have 2 sizes to fit almost any size purse and lots of different colors. It's a great product. I had a purseket and I hated it, it fell apart after a couple months.