Ali Leather Shoulder Flap- how long can I wait to get this?

  1. I am in love with this bag and want to get it for my birthday, but I'm not sure if it'll still be out in the stores in June. Should I get it by the end of April, just to be safe? TIA!
  2. Not sure if it'll be out or not but I would get it now :yes: I saw it today while I was making yet another purchase and it's so beautiful!! I never thought much about it till today and suddenly it caught my eye. Maybe for Mother's Day...
    I say go for it! Maybe put it away (if you can resist!) till your birthday.
  3. Last week, the SA was telling me that the ALI is a permanent piece in their legacy collection.
  4. All of the stores around me are out of the Legacy collection. They told me I have to buy Legacy bags from until the new collection comes out this Fall.
  5. Hi! I too love the ali.

    I wouldn,t worry too much about the bag being that it is being consoludated.

    Coach first intro it in all stores but now its sold in legacy stores, leagacy shops... And very few select stores.

    This adds to the exclusiveness and as mentioned it is a permant part of legacy. While variations get sent to outlets e.g. Suede version ali the ali in leather along w. Other pieces will remain in the legacies

    If it ever pulls back I doubt it will go to outlets but remain a cbsr like the 'classics' in cbsr and

    I digress though. I say you can wait because most sas do not offer to order and if do most pple prefer to get it then in the store *instant gradification* so! The supply shouldn't run out too soon.
  6. Awesome! Thanks to everyone who replied.