Ali is unrepairable


Sep 26, 2007
:sad: I'm a little sad but I figured this would happen.

I order the tattersall satchel two days ago and they told me today it's sold out and that they weren't getting more so now my credit is in the mail. I had another credit from something else so now I have $668 credit :smile: I still haven't decided if I want to get the pleated ergo satchel or something else!

I'll post pictures all my things this weekend (except the black med ergo's as I sold them...too much in my armpit!). I picked up the watermelon keyfob & the white slip on shoe from the outlet (and almost got LG sig choco carly!) and they DID have the turtle for $24 (I still haven't gotten mine in the mail!). I did get my swingpack, LOVE LOVE LOVE this thing! I've been using it and my tattersall mini skinny (yesterday for shopping today for field day at DD's school). The outlet SA was like "OMG I LOVE that print" hehe.

I'm not going to be around too much because I had our internet at home turned off since we're moving in a few weeks but I'll post when I can from my blackberry!!!!

Just wanted to share Ali's status.