Ali in White Khaki Signature

  1. Does anybody know if that bag was ever made?
  2. Im almost positive they did.
  3. I was thinking the same thing, but I've never seen it. I think I kinda want it, but nobody is reporting seeing them at the outlets or buying one when they were full price.
  4. My sister said they had either the Ali or the Slim Flap in the Khaki/White leather trim at her Outlet 2 days ago (Camarillo Chelsea Premium Outlet). I believe they're all sold out now.
  5. It was probably the slim flap. I saw the slim flap at the outlets a few days ago but that bag is just too small for me.
  6. I only saw the slim flap today at my outlet.
  7. Here's the Slim Flap Ali in White/khaki-- I love this color!!

  8. those of you who saw the slim flap khaki/white at the outlets, do you recall the price? I am bidding on one on eBay since I do not live near an outlet. I'm just curious to know how much mark up sellers are putting on this bag. I'm still debating whether I want to take the plunge or not!:confused1:

    BTW...I have never seen a khaki/white Ali. I'm also curious to know if this bag was ever made in that color combo.
  9. The Signature Slim Flaps and the Leather Slim Flaps were the same price at my outlet . I paid $203 with Tax after the extra 10 percent off. Sellers lose about 10 percent on fees to eBay and paypal which you should consider when bidding . They didn't have any white/Khaki at my outlet so bought one from eBay. It was worth the extra $$ to have this color for spring.

    I love the size of the Slim Flap. The Full size Ali is too heavy on me. Ever since I bought my Whiskey Slim Flap I havn't carried my Black Sig Ali. Everything I carry in my handbag fit in my Slim Flap.
  10. I think it was 239 + 20% off and there was an additional 10% off today.

    I really should have gotten one at that price :yes: what was I thinking!?

    it could have been like 259.00 .. it was less than 200 without tax though...
  11. I'm pretty sure the slim flaps were 259.99 with the 20% and then 10% off on Sat at Round Rock...:yes: Yep just checked my math and that seems right because a non-final sale bag would have cost me 188 before tax.
  12. :yes:Yes, I bought it, it was $259.99 with 20% off, and an additional 10% off on Wednesday at Pleasant Praire in Wisconsin.:yes:
  13. i may have seen one on ebay yesterday. i was looking at slim flaps too so i'm not sure which it was. i'll go check....

    nope, sorry awesome....there are 2 slim flaps in that color combo.
  14. thanks yall! I just figured if they made the ali in signtaure/black I figured they would have done the same in signature/white.