Ali in whiskey or natural?

  1. I am planning on geting an Ali and I'm undecided on the color between whiskey and natural. Which one do you like and do you have a specific reason?

  2. I saw a whiskey and a natural today and I have to say I like the natural better.
  3. I like the whiskey better - its so rich looking!
  4. I vote whiskey! I love the vintage look.
  5. I love Whiskey!!!
  6. I really love the whiskey. It is such a beautiful, rich looking color.
  7. Natural! The whiskey kinda looked like it was going to have serious trouble in the future. I have yet to see one that isn't scratched to the point of no return.
  8. I love natural!!!
  9. I had to decide between the whiskey and natural too. I chose natural because I thought the whiskey was a little orange/rust-ish for my taste. I think the natural is a nice neutral shade that's a little bit better for what I wanted it for- a bag I can wear all year round with jeans, etc. Not to say that if I could get another Ali, I wouldn't get a whiskey one because it is a nice color. As is the black, the white,....:lol:
  10. I like both
  11. I vote for Whiskey. Both colors (Natural and Whiskey) scratch - but, in my experience, the natural can tend to show more dirt. Just my two cents.
  12. I own a whiskey Ali and I love the color. It is rich and goes with everything!
  13. I like both.. the both show scratches and to me the natural is a little on the light side while the whiskey CAN be orangey or purpley, but also can be rich and beautiful.. it just depends on the one you get. :yes:
  14. So I know it seems like the decision or input is split. I will tell you my Ali story. I was very obsessed with the khaki and Ebony Ali for a very long time. When I went to the store and was confronted with the decision, I saw black leather Ali and that was it. Now granted, they only had the khaki and black in the slim flap but I love the look of that bag but couldn't resist the one I got. Then my second trip was a gift for someone but I decided based on which one I wanted for myself so It was between black signature, natural, and whiskey Ali and I chose Whiskey. I just really like the look of that bag and wasn't so sure when seeing it online but I once saw it on a woman in a restaurant and fell in love. The black leather is more "me" but the whiskey is so gorgeous. I would go to the store wearing something you would normally wear on a daily basis, colors, shoes, etc and try both on and decide, or buy both keep them both and leave the tags on and don't use but carry them around the house, put all of your stuff in them, dress them up and decide which one you like the best. Good luck !
  15. I realy love how both look but whiskey is my all time favorite. I just think that it is so versatile and goes with so much; I get compliments on my whiskey Ali every time I carry her. I also have the ali in black and it is equally gorgeous.

    I have the natural french framed purse and I can say that both colors show scratches but it doesn't detract from the look; it just gets better over time, which is what this leather is supposed to do. Good luck!