Ali in Whiskey or Natural?

  1. I'm trying to break out of my black bag syndrome and can't decide If I want an Ali in Whiskey or Natural. The Whiskey looks like it will scratch easier... think it will?
    Does anyone have pictures of it in Natural, (or any legacy bag in natural for that matter) I've tried a search and can't find any.
  2. I have heard that the scratches will fade over time..regardless, I personally LOVE the Whiskey color!
    I WILL have a bag in Whiskey someday!
  3. Whiskey!
  4. Another vote for Whiskey here! The color is just so rich.
  5. I have seen the color of natural on legacy shoulder bag. It's very pretty for summer time.
  6. I have the Legacy Satchel in Natural. I love the natural color. I tried to download a pic, not successful. Its a lighter color than the whiskey, perfect for summer and I think with time it will darken so I plan to use it year-around.
  7. Thanks for the advice :smile:
    I'm still torn, I love the whiskey color but since I have so many dark bags I'm leaning towards the natural color for spring/summer..... But (again with the but) since I haven't seen the natural color in person i'm worried that it will be too light.
    Thanks for trying to post a pic kstyle,
    Does anyone else have one?
  8. I have the Ali in Whiskey & I love it! The natural would look nice for spring/summer, though.
  9. Has anyone gotten an Ali in Natural? I've done a search here and even looked on eBay for a picture of one and can't find one. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I don't believe anyone here at the Forum has an Ali in the Natural Color. I have seen it in person at the Coach Boutique and it is more of a tan color/light camel in person. I don't care for the color personally. I own the Ali bag in whiskey and white. I love them both. Here is the link to the Ali Bag in Natural from the Coach Website. The color is misleading as it looks more like and orangy/tan color but it is more of a tan/camel color in person. The natural leather will scratch less than
    the whiskey one.

  11. Thanks Liz, Maybe I'll just order both and keep the one I can't live without. :smile:
  12. Check for cha cha's collection by searching her name and then find the link to the pictures of her collection.
    She has the Mandy Courier in the Natural and you can get a better feel for the color. Good luck.
  13. I just bought the Ali in natural today. I was going to go with whiskey, but I already have the shoulder in whiskey. I couldn't justify two bags from the same line in the same color. I haven't taken the tags off the natural one yet...still debating. I think I'll keep it, though. I'll try to post pics tomorrow.
  14. Thanks! Can't wait. :smile:
    thanks to lizcordova's tip, I was able to see a Mandy in natural , but I'd still love to see the Ali . :smile:
  15. Dang... Where are my manners??
    Congrats on the new Ali! :smile: