Ali bag to big?

  1. :confused1:I have the Ali bag and didn't realize how much this bag could carry. I am one of those people, if there is room I will throw everything in my bag. I love the style but think I need a smaller one. I recently have gotten a promotion that means a I will be traveling a lot.....first business trip with the Ali and Brief Case and luggage through the bisy airport was a bit exhausting. I was thinging about the Coach Legacy Flap 10335 or the Caoach Legacy Zip 10337; small to tuck away in my brief case if I need to.

    Anyone have suggestions? Do any of you have either of the smaller bags?

    Thanks for your help.......:heart:
  2. I have the Legacy Shoulder Zip. It is a very nice bag. It is definately on the smaller side, but I can fit all my stuff in it. I carry a nice size make-up bag, cell phone, Hampton French Wallet, checkbook, sunglasses, and a few other little items in it. It is roomier than it looks from the outside. It is very cute, and I love it! Hope that helps. There are some pics of people wearing it if you do a search. :tup: