Ali and I took a tumble down the stairs...yikes!

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  1. OK, this is both sad and funny...

    I was hurrying off to BFs as he's been out of town for a week and was taking a snooze this afternoon to shake off the jet lag. He invited me to come over and take a nap (uh yeah right) with him :graucho:...

    So I'm heading down the (carpeted) stairs in my townhouse down to the garage and am in high heeled clogs. Ever had that feeling when you know you're going to fall and everything's in slow motion and you are trying to stop the fall and just can't?

    Well, thankfully it was a short flight of stairs but boy oh boy I hit my shins and knee hard on the stairs, slid forward into the wall (yes my head stopped us, LOL) and poor black leather Ali went splat onto the wall, leaving a black mark!:wtf: I had 4 burnt out long fluorescent light bulbs propped against the wall waiting to go to the dump and I was praying so hard I wouldn't smash 'em with my head. Luckily I didn't.

    Thankfully, I'm OK except for a few bruises and nothing is sprained or broken. I'm not dizzy...head is a little sore but OK.'s to hard heads, no hidden cameras and black legacy leather...I can't even tell where my bag hit the wall! :tup:
  2. :lol: I'm so glad you're okay and were brave enough to share that story with us! I'm glad Miss Ali is okay too!!!
  3. wow! Im glad you are ok! that would have scared the life out of me!
  4. Hey, glad you and your bag are A OK! Here's to tough gals...tough gals & Coach! :tup:
  5. Wow...glad you and your bag are OK. I don't think I could've shared that story with anyone...LOL!
  6. OMG! I'm so sorry! I'm glad that you (and Ms. Ali of course) are ok!
  7. OMG PG I am glad you are ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Legacy leather is tough so I'm not worried about Ali...I'm worried about you. But if you have a hard head like me you are probably ok :smooch:
  8. I am glad both of you are ok! That feeling where you know you are going to fall is horrible.
  9. Wow I am so glad you (and Ali) are okay!!!

  10. What a scare! I'm glad you're okay and your purse is alright. I fell once down my stairs and it hurt. My tailbone and upper back were sore for a long time.
  11. So glad that you're all right!
  12. Hey guys, yeah it's all good. I'm guessing my neck/shoulders are going to hurt more tomorrow but I got a nice massage today :love:. Believe me, I've had a couple good head injuries with blood and all in my lifetime (once as a kid, once at a toga party in college but ahem that's another post). So, a bump on the head with no blurred vision or swelling is no biggy.

    thanks for your kind words and humor! Sorry I haven't been posting in here too much lately...I'm really trying to be good and focused on home improvement projects and just enjoying the bags I have for now...we'll see how long this holds up!!
  13. Glad you are not seriously hurt and your Ali too.
  14. Im glad both of you are ok!
  15. So glad you are ok! Scary, I bet. I am old, so I probably would have broken something. Altho, I have a pretty hard head, too. lol Glad Ali is ok, too.