Ali and Hippie colors-- Need to decide!

  1. Hi! I've always been a fan of Coach items. I have had a station bag for about fifteen years and it still looks gorgeous!

    Anyway, lately I've been wanting the legacy bags, so today I bought the Ali in whiskey. It is beautiful but I kept on eyeing the Hippie at the store. Now I want both! I think the Hippie color they had in the store was also whiskey because it looked just like the Ali, but a different shape. Should I own both the Ali and Hippie in Whiskey? Is that too much? Should I exchange the whiskey Ali for black instead? OH what to do???!!! I wish this were my only dilemma in life but I won't bore you with my other problems. Let me know what you think! Thanks.
  2. Keep ali in whiskey and get the hippie in black.
  3. or get the ali in white and the hippie in whiskey :smile:
  4. Thanks, Ranskimmie! The reason why I bought it in the Coach boutique instead of Macy's (I heard they will have the Friends and Family discount in two weeks so I can get 20% off) is because Macy's does not carry the Ali in whiskey. Someone tell me I'm wrong. If I get Ali in black I will get it at Macy's so I can get the discount. Is the Ali best in whiskey? I have not seen the hippie in black.
  5. Thanks, but I don't like white bags because I'm afraid of stains!
  6. In my opinion, you can't possibly overdo the legacy items. However, I'm completely biased since I adore the Legacy line. :yes: If you love both bags in whiskey, then get both! ;)
  7. Ok, I took a beauty nap and now have a clear head. I am going to get the Ali in black because I just attached my station bag straps with the brass clips to the Ali and it does not look half bad and leaves your hands free. But since I have black straps I need a black bag. Since the hardware is the same, it looks like it goes with the bag. I think I am more a "black" kind of girl because the whiskey looks more casual and I like dressier bags. I am going to exchange the whiskey ali for a whiskey Hippie. Is this a good decision?
  8. The legacy black is gorgeous and it doesn't scratch like the whiskey or the natural. I have the shoulder bag and the french purse in the black - although I adore the whiskey ADORE IT - I would be rubbing out the scratches all day long.
  9. Thanks, Shoulderbabies! That makes me feel a lot better! I am so happy I made my own hands free Ali with the station bag strap. It's amazing how after 15 years, the brass and leather are still in great condition.