Alfred bag in Slate marked WAY down...

  1. at Nordstrom MacArthur Center. It was on sale for $519.90 I believe. Retails for $1300. This bag seems to be harder to find. At least, I have only seen it in a few places online. If anyone is interested, call SA Victoria (department manager) at 757-314-1111. I saw it today, later afternoon... but at that price, it won't last. It was a return, but I looked it over and it appeared to be brand new. I think Victoria said it had just come back today or yesterday.
  2. ^ Thanks for sharing BagHound. =)
  3. Great deal, thanks for letting us know!
  4. Wow, I'd been admiring the alfred bag, I called Victoria, she's very nice and told me that they were marked down in Nov and that there were none in the store. She checked the whole system and said there were none company wide. I'd love to be able to actually see these bags, but there's nothing within 100 miles from me.
  5. Wow, it must have gone FAST because it was on the sale table just Monday late afternoon!
  6. I am sure this sounds obvious, but did you tell her the one your friend told you about was the one on the sale table? Can't imagine she'd overlook that, but might be worth asking?
  7. I said that someone from the purse forum I belong to told me about an alfred bag that was on sale the other day. It didn't seem like she recalled a recent alfred bag, which was a little unexpected, but I could call again and see if someone could check the sale table.

    Victoria did spend quite a while checking the entire system for the alfred bag and told me none where in stock.
  8. That is odd! When I saw it on the sale table, she and I even had a conversation about it. I will call and check and post back... stay tuned.
  9. Thanks! That will make me seem less like some pestering shopper.
  10. Didn't reach SA Victoria today... reached SA Nick, who said he hadn't seen it. I am not going insane. I swear it was there Monday. Someone must have bought it right after I left.
  11. Thanks for checking for me. That was a good deal and some lucky person must have found it.