Alfred and Stam

  1. I saw the Alfred in chocolate and the stam in topaz last night at Saks.

    The topaz stam is prettier than I thought the color is nice not too over powering.

    The Alfred is a great every day bag. Good size and color.

    Has anyone else checked these bags out? What do you think?
  2. I've seen the Topaz Stam, and while the color is pretty, I just don't think I could incorporate the color in my wardrobe - or, at least to make the purchase worthwhile.
  3. I agree with SuLi... Topaz would be hard for me to pull off if I wanted to wear it regularly. The Alfred on the other hand, that bag always has me debating whether I want to purchase it everytime I see it.
  4. I actually have both bags. The Stam bag is great because it can be used all throughout the year and it can be worn with almost any outfit. The Alfred is more of a fall/winter bag and it has to be styled with a certain look to it. I do love both bags though. However, if you're going to go for the Stam, I don't think topaz would be very versatile.
  5. I saw the topaz Stam and Little Stam last night too at the SF Nordies. I really loved the color but simultaneously couldn't justify paying that much for it. It's just not versatile enough. To me, it seems like exactly what it is designed for; resort season on a fabulous, sunny island. And, while I would like to live in paradise (or have the money to go there for an extended period of time during the winter months) I just don't! hehe.