aleya ny

  1. i loved this bag in lucky (not this was navy)

    Luna Boston | Wendy Large Hobo Details

    any one have it? thoughts?? i like how it looks with 'stuff' in it better, but i'm kind of intrigued!

    tia :smile:
  2. Hi grechen, how are things with you? I am curious about AleyaNY's bags as well and wonder if anyone from this forum has seen it IRL or bought it.
  3. hi! things are great, thank you!!

    I've been looking at aleya's bags for a while, but never was very interested until i saw this one in lucky - actually carried by a person. i don't think it's got too much going on, and i love the size and the color of the one in the mag (navy blue).

    the clutches are kind of cute also...
    aleya2.jpg aleya3.jpg aleyaclutch.jpg