Alexis Vogel Beauty System

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  1. I was wondering if anyone had tried these products or watched her DVD?? I want to learn how to do my makeup more professionally and wondered how these tapes & products were?? TIA:smile:
  2. I just got my kit and watched the dvd...i was worried i would look too done up
    (i like a natural look) but i picked up lots of great info and i LOve the foundation, lipliner and lipstick..she also included lots of other great stuff in the kit so rite now i am truly in makeup heaven!!
  3. Is she the one that is Pam Anderson's makeup artist?
  4. yes..but i dont think she does her makeup anymore

    this is her site she has some good tips on there as well...

    i didnt want a pam look & the styles on the dvd are pretty outrageous but i just applied her tips to what i wanted to create and i love it!!
  5. I have seen her infomercial, and she seems to make people up a bit too much for my tastes. I am sure you could get some good application tips like princessme said.
  6. The DVD is worth it. The system is no longer affiliated with Alexis although they will not admit it. She cut ties awhile ago because of quality concerns. She had a new improved line she was working with, but once again, they were not producing things she felt were up to snuff. I would get the dvd's and learn the techniques, and if you can find any of the Alexis Style products, those were excellent. QVC sold the eye kit which was probably the best Alexis item out there. There is a woman on Ebay who sells authentic. Check out message boards for more info-Alexis posts there all of the time.:yes:
  7. ^^ thanks Lv mom i was wondering what the story was there..i saw at 411 they would talk about her other line or problems she had and i had no idea what they were talking about

    i love her products that came with the kit...i wonder why she wouldnt be happy...the foundation is unbelievable and i love the adobe lipliner!! so natural...i love the sparkle dust too...maybe i should stock up if shes not making anymore...i love the chubby stick too i seriously love it all
    i bought it from makeup connection..she better not stop making products now that i found them!!
  8. I had seen the infomerical years ago but never purchased it. Congrats I am glad you like it!
  9. Alexis is a wonderful artist and a perfectionist. If you like her line at Makeup Connection, you would just be blown away by the Alexis Style line,I was heartbroken when she quit selling it. Should she ever start another line, I will be the first to line up to buy!
  10. what do you think they are selling at MC? just her left overs from her first line? do you think i should stock up? I mean this makeup is amazing! I cant believe everyone isnt using it..the foundation and councealer are unbelievable
  11. What I understand, is that Alexis was under contract with the first company, and they own the rights to the name "Alexis Vogel ". She didn't like the quality so she left, but they own the name still. To the best of my knowledge, what they have left is what they manufacture themselves under Alexis's name. That is why her second line was called Alexis Style instead. But if you found the perfect makeup for you, I would just continue to get it from MC.:yes: And not worry if Alexis is involved or not. I know to me the difference between Alexis Style and Alexis Vogel is that the Alexis Style has amazing staying power in comparison. Since it isn't made anymore, I stocked up.
  12. I clicked on the makeover thingy on the website... and OMG. Can I say that she really makes the girls look like hookers after the makeover?. Don't mean to be mean or anything, but I just think that the girls looked much better before!!
  13. i love her makeup glamerous! wearing EVERYTHING is probably too much for every day but it seemed very adaptable. i don't know how many times i've had to talk myself out of ordering that kit at 3am. i'm glad you like it!
  14. I wondered about her and her product too.
    I'm always curious when the featured person is no longer with the company.
    Thanks for the info.
  15. Thank you so much fo rthe info LVmom!! I'm going to try and find some alexis style on ebay... do you think that she gave them her original makeup recipe and they'll just continue to make what her formula?
    or are they making their own formula with just with her name slapped on?

    vogue:roflmfao:, ITa even eatching the dvd i'm just sitting their my jaw to the ground:wtf:!!
    its freaky how trashy they look after!!
    but i do really love the base system. the foundation, concealer and powder are great and then she does provide some excellent general application tips so that all makes me happy & then i've put together my own look

    ilizabet, that is exactly what i did last week!! i'm glad i like the makeup bc i was seriously prepared for the worst!my dh was away on business and i as feeling so down i just went on a middle of the nite shopping binge!
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