Alexis Hudson?

  1. Thats gorgeous! Her name faintly rings some bells, but I cant say I know of her line.
  2. I love my Alexis Hudson bag. I bought at Bloomingdales last month and it is great quality. Alexis is the designer's daughter's name and Hudson is the designer's dog's name.
  3. Yup, I searched the forum after I started the thread and saw your bag. That's such a luxe blue!!
  4. Love that color! O_o
  5. It looks a lot like the Chloe Silverado.
  6. I love this bag but was afraid to purchase. I like to see them irl. I believe someone did purchase one from possibly bloomingdales. You may want to search the threads.
  7. Love that blue, Coldplaylover!
  8. Think there was a write-up about Alexis Hudson in Daily Candy awhile back. You can check their archives.