Alexis Hudson

  1. Hello. Does anyone know where I can find Alexis Hudson handbags in London or online? And does anyone know about any sales on her fall line or whatever?
  2. I've seen some of her bags on at pretty good prices. Otherwise a google search would probably come up w/a few more options. Good luck!
  3. Hello, What do you think of this bag as an every day bag? Do you like the crochet or is it outdated?
  4. mistake
  5. Ok,, the one above is the right bag. The Alexis Hudson. What do you think? Sorry for the messups!
  6. I think Alexis Hudson bags are super cool or the ones Ive seen in person are. I was at Nordstroms towards the beginning of fall and there were some gorgeous bags by Alexis Hudson with the sliding lock thing on the front. I was highly entranced by the bag but I had to make a decision between the pair of shoes I had been lusting after for forever or the bag so..
  7. Has anyone ever seen the fabric crochet in person? Does it look cheap or really good?