Alexis Hudson....anyone have one?

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  1. I picked up a beautiful blue one with the braided handles at Bloomingdales. They had just gotten them in and the SA knew nothing about the designer. I told her that I read that the designer was named Alexis for the name of her daughter and that Hudson was her dog.
  2. How is the bags leather quality and stitching? I've been looking at this bag too (but online).

    Do you have photos?
  3. I've eyed the line online a few's the quality?
  4. Please post pic's and tell us more. I wanted to purchase one of those but really wanted to see one first.
  5. I haven't figured out yet how to post pics but as soon as I do I will post tons. The bag is much prettier in person than online...especially the blue. The stiching and overall quality was excellent which is why I felt comfortable spending over $600 on it. I traveled with the bag and it did great going under the seat (airplane) and was totally weather resistant. It is quite lightweight and easy to is sort of Balenciaga with the tassle on the zippers(outside and inside pocket) plus the magnetic closures on the outside pockets really stay closed well.
  6. I might just look it up at the mall!
  7. Here is my first ever attempt at posting a pic! My beautiful Alexis Hudson bag.

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  8. 0o0o0 i totally love the colour!
  9. There are a few Alexis Hudson bags at I think you can use that 30% off coupon which would make a great deal - - te hee!
  10. That's a gorgeous bag!