Alexis Bittar

  1. Does anyone own jewelry from Alexis Bittar? I am looking at some of his pieces and want them.

    Any comments if they are well made?:shrugs:
  2. They are, and they are gorgeous. My husband bought me a few pieces for my birthday and I was instantly taken with the designs.

    I really don't need any more accessories... haha.
  3. i have a couple of his pieces. one of my favorites is the petal drop ones... they are a handpainted resin with a pearl dropping from delicate gold chains.
    he makes a ton of fun stuff that really stands out.
    the pieces i have gotten all have been well-made.
  4. Well I finally gave in and bought a pair of his earrings, and I must say I get compliments all the time.
  5. Which one's did you get???
  6. Anyone have any pics of Alexis Bittar jewelry?
    I love the lucite stuff!
  7. I have quite a few of his rings and bangles. I started buying his jewelry when he started selling at MOMA in New York and his selection wasn't very big. I haven't bought anything in a while, but I love his items.
  8. Love the giant butterfly wing pendants, and still want to purchase one :biggrin:
  9. I have some stuff, but I sold a lot on ebay.
    his site is drooly.
  10. anyone have photos?
  11. I'm obsessed with his stuff but only have (2) rings, (2) bracelets and (2) pairs of earrings...i need to add a necklace sometime soon! I'll try to post pics sometime soon...
  12. I love that first necklace. Gorgeous!
  13. I love his stuff. I don't own any pieces, but I've been intrigued by it lately.