Alexis Bittar on Sale at

  1. I don't know if anyone else out there is a fan, but he is my favorite jewelry designer. A bunch of cute stuff just went on sale online.

    bangle.jpg earrings.jpg
  2. Thanks for posting! Too bad there aren't any of his gorgeous flower brooches.
  3. any 10% off codes?
  4. I love his items. I met him years ago at the MOMA design store in New York when he was just starting out. He was such a sweetie. I have a bunch of his rings and to expand my collection I got the feather bracelet in grey. I hope it is gold as it looks in the photo.
  5. That is one of the items I got--I haven't tried it, but it looks nice in the photo, so here's hoping.

    To another poster--there is another thread with some 10% off codes, but I think the concensus was that none of them work. I called in my order, though, and the SA gave me 10% off when I asked for it. I provided one of the (apparently not working) codes from the other thread.
  6. Thanks for sharing. He is one of my favorite jewelry designers too! :love:
  7. Thanks soo much i got some of the earings from Saks...THANKS!!! i think he will be one of my new fave jewelry designers.