Alexei for DH

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  1. (I posted a similar message in the clubhouse by mistake, sorry)
    DH's first LV (if you don't count the flip flops.) We got it in brown taiga. It's very nice. I really liked the Abbesses, but he didn't love the MC and it doesn't come in anything else. Then, it was off to Chanel for me... Gotta love those NM special events!
  2. this seems like it could/should be a PM to someone{?}
  3. Sorry Swanky Mama, I wasn't trying to do a PM. Maybe I wasn't clear. We bought my husband his first LV today. It is an Alexei messenger bag in Taiga leather. I liked the Abbesses bag, but it only is available in MC and he felt that it was not the right look for him. We were at NM for their event today. After the LV purchase and my gift card, I went to the Chanel department and got myself a little something.
    Hope to have cleared this up. If I posted inappropriately, I do apologize.

  4. nevermind, I'm positive I misunderstood:yes:
    The post was so short and when I read it it felt/read to me like it was to someone specific for some reason! LOL!