Alexa's Lock?

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  1. I received a lovely alexa regular in oak this morning and I was preparing for a photo reveal but I was wondering if the alexas come with a lock or you need to buy it. Because I am looking inside the box bag, the dustbag, inside the bag, inside the inside pocket and there is no lock anywhere. :sad:. I am still not sure if I am keeping her yet. I am almost ready for a little reveal post because I received another mulberry bag and I am sold. It's perfect, the smell, the bag, everything.... But I am not that crazy about the alexa, it seems a delicate bag, with thin leather.... Well let's see.
    I hope you can help me with this. Because if the lock is supposed to come with the bag I am going to be very dissapointed with this online website where I got the bag from :sad:.
  2. There is not a separate padlock on the alexa. You might be thinking of the bayswater style that does come with a lock and keys. Best best is to look on the mulberry website at the alexa bags and compare them with yours. Also you could post some pictures of it on the authentication thread on here if you are worried about whether you have bought from a legitimate retailer. Xx
  3. Thank you very much for your super fast answer. I was reading an old post here about alexas and they were talking about the locks so I went crazy O.O hahaha. I was sure they didn't come with any, but asking about it doesn't hurt, don't you think so?
    I bought the bag through Net a Porter, I will take a few pics, before taking my final desision, but I am still debating if keeping it or not.
    Can you help me? To keep or not to keep the alexa, that is the question :smile:
  4. it took me 3 Alexas to find the right one i had an Ink which was to slouchy, a tweed which fell apart 3 times now i have a Black one and she is wonderfull she comes everywhere with me x
  5. I am glad to hear you found the perfect one for you. I cannot buy them personally so my only option is buying it online atm. I was looking for the perfect one for quite long now and I am not sure if this one is the one because I haven't seen any other one in person.
    I am going to share with you some pics so you can tell me if this one is a good one or a bad one, a to keep or not to keep one ;).
  6. here you are some pics:

    I haven't removed the "return tag" yet. What do you think to keep or not to keep?
  7. Fairygirl, I always think if you buy a bag and have to ask anyone to keep or not to keep it means you don't like something about the bag. Send it back and find something you love.
  8. It's actually quite nicely even pattern one imo, not too smooth not too creasy - are you sure about Oak or is that also included in a question??

    But if you are in doubt in any way, send it back... ;)
  9. I am 100&% agree with you. The first thing I thought when I saw her was "I'm going to send it back". "she" is sitting near me so I can take a closer look at her before taking a final decision. I really love the shape of the bag and I was looking at her possibilities. And the more I look at the bag the more I like it. Maybe I have so much purses :smile:, hahaha. But the alexa looks so cute awwwww...
  10. Bag looks gorgeous to me, fairygirl.

    But if it's not true love, it's not.. and luckily in this case returning a bag is so much easier than dumping a boyfriend. :P
  11. Hello Fairygirl,

    I am new to this forum and net a porter customer. I purchased yesterday in Net A Porter Mulberry Alexa Oak and cosmetic case. Can you tell me your experience is it good or bad? How many days is the delivery? I am soo excited to see it. Thank you in advance :smile:
  12. I think the same!
  13. I bought an oversized Alexa in oak yesterday. Ive been lusting after one for so long and I thought I would be totally in love with it but I'm not.
    Ive decided to sell it (can't return for various reasons) it is such a lot of money and I've got to the point now that if I am not totally overwhelmed by a bag it gets moved on.