Alexa's Buffalo leather

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  1. Hey, not sure if anyone has problem with this but I had to go to several stores in London before I could get an Alexa with a reasonably uncreased leather...... the quality of the buffalo leather on Alexa I have seen (fresh new stock) questionable....

    Is that normal for such leather or would you expect better?
  2. I'm not a victim of this myself mushroompat. But hang around there are a few people here with stories about the variation in quality.
  3. OMG - cue me and a rant.....


    Now everyone, i will be quite restrained in what i say...

    Hi have spotted something that i personally am not happy about. Given the price of and the hype about the Alexa bag, and given that i adore the style of this bag, and that i have an OS in ink, i am still not happy with the leather on it.

    There are, if you read through the last 2 months posts, a number of posts about the leather quality.....the buffalo leather varies hugely and whilst that for many of us is not a problem as such, it does mean that some Alexas are soft and smooshy and grainy whilst others are smooth and dare I say it, a bit plasticky.

    The oak seems to have the widest variation and the ink the least, but even in saying that, Bluecat's regular ink is much graineier and softer than my oversized one.

    I ordered an OS in oak in january and it was horrid. The leather looked like PVC and even crackled to the touch, like a horrid PVC bag lined with plastic lining. It also had a big scratch on it.

    It went back and a month later i got the ink one. The ink leather seems to be more consistent but even then i was not totally happy with the addiction to Mulberry is principly due to the outstanding leather on my bags....(I own Darwin, Natural Veg tanned, Soft spongey and weathered leather....)and the buffalo was in my opnion of a lesser quality.

    however, over the weekend i bought Lord Sheratons leather balsam and have given my Alexa two coats of it so far...already the scratch she sustained yesterday has gone and the leather is starting to soften up.....

    The big problem for those wanting to buy Alexas around London is that few shops have much stock....most deliveries are sent out to the people on the waiting getting the chance to compare several bags is proving tricky....

    You can either take a chance on the website....and hope that you get a reasonable one and then start treating her as i am doing....or wait patiently and do some research regarding where you can see several bags at once.

    I am still not happy about the choice of buffalo leather for Alexa.....For such an important bag to Mulberry, why not choose the lambskin or something nice and soft and smooshy?

    OK, review over.....can you tell this is a topic close to my heart?

    I bet Corries is hooting with laughter now!!!!
  4. ^^ OMG - sorry about this l o o o n g post!!
  5. Oh that brings back memories that post.....
  6. The leather varies enormously - even my untrained DH noticed the difference in leather on 2 alexas today ....Fenwicks in York had a good selection and the most gorgeous regular ink alexa - very smooth grain , thick and even .....they had more stock out the back too.The oak regular was wrinkled and saggy and looked like it needed some work ( nip/tuck ).

    Now I have seen the bag in real life I really like it ( and so does DH ) It is a bit on the small side but then the Oversized is too big to be used as a messenger - on me anyway!

    Definitely follow Poppy's advice and try and see some together , you might have to travel North though !
  7. :whiteflag: Step away from the laptop now Poppy......:greengrin::greengrin::greengrin:
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao::lolots::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  9. Hey mushroompat - I still bought one so it can't be that bad!! Take me with a pinch of salt.. The Alexa is a great bag - but as you rightly say, the leathers do vary a bit...
  10. Maybe Buffalo backsides vary more than your common-or-garden cow?

    Are they actual buffalos anyway? After all there are no buffalos in Buffalo wings?

    It's been a long day.....
  11. Oh no ... are you serious??? :wtf:

    I had pretty little daydreams of little buffalo flying around too ....!! Im deeply upset now!! :cry:

  12. It's the Plastic Buffalos I want to see. The ones that the dodgy Alexas are made from.
  13. Roflol!
  14. :nuts::biggrin:
  15. I have seen a few Alexas now and do agree that there is quite a lot of variability in the leather - I mean in terms of graining or smoothness. I have seen several oak and butter that seemed a mix of leather types whereas the inks I have seen have been more even. Having said that I cannot comment on the quality ofthis leather other that the appearance and will reserve my judgment until I have used my Alexa for some time.