Alexandra wallet

  1. This look so roomy and compact! Anyone knows how long does LV take to extend a style to other lines?

  2. I dunno, but I like that:yes:
  3. Woww nice wallet!!!!
  4. Love it, not sure if the dimensions are actually 4.5" by whatever though, it seems a tad bigger.
  5. Looks nice- never seen it IRL though.
  6. nice! is it available here in the US?
  7. There's another new wallet, the Magellan!
    love these new addictions!
  8. Love the style. Guess I will not be buying one cos I just bought a monogram wallet about 10 days ago.
  9. ^^I'm out too, got two wallets last week...
  10. I love this wallet! May I know the price??? I hope it comes in the damier range!
  11. I think it's combine of porte-monnaie & accordion :smile: Pretty nice wallet, hope they also make it in vernis or suhali
  12. It retails for $570.
  13. wooo.... That is definitely a revision of the french purse. I love it!
  14. what a beauty. i'll have to think about this one too! thanks for sharing.
  15. Nice wallet.