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Alexandra Owners Please Help


New Member
Dec 2, 2007
I went to LV yesterday and purchased the Alexandra damier, but there is something that is bothering me about the wallet. I know that they use two different leathers to construct the wallet, but is there supposed to be air pockets in the wallet when you open it at the bends. It just doesn't feel right to me (this is my first LV wallet). I even went back and asked the SA if it was normal and she said "yes, they are created because of how the wallets are stored in the shelves" and I would have asked for an exchange but they did not have another one in stock. I also asked to feel the wallet in the azur damier and that also had air pockets but they seemed less noticable to me than on my wallet. What should I do??? Am I being to cirtical of a wallet? :confused1:
Jun 13, 2007
If you are not happy with it, you should return it. That's a lot of money for something that you feel is not up to your standard. I've seen this bubbling on a Zippy Organizer. It's probably how they sew the pieces together. I asked the SA to see other pieces and thankfully they had six of them to choose from. GoodLVck!


is really in love...
Oct 4, 2006
Believe me, you spend that kind of money on anything like that you make sure you love it and it's perfect.
I had my SA take out 5 Mono Speedy 35s until I got the one that I wanted....I mean even something that no one would even notice I'm like "no - let me see another one."
Nuts, maybe. Satisfied now? Of course. :cloud9: