Alexandra or Pochette Wallet? Which Agenda?

  1. I just was looking at the LV website and it's hard guessing which wallet/agenda I'd like without seeing, so I was wondering whats everyones thought about the wallets. I think I narrowed it down to either the pochette or Alexandra? Any opinions?

    And how do you all like your agenda's? For my handbag, should I get the small or the medium size? I"m thinking the mini would be too small.

    And does the agenda let you look at the entire month at a glance with a large enough space to maybe write some dates or is it just a week by week glance? I do like it when I can take a look at the entire month without having to flip through pages.

    Any comments on either the wallet decision I"m trying to make and/or the agenda are so welcome, thanks.
  2. I can't comment on the agendas, but as for the wallets I prefer the Pochette (which I own). I think the longer wallets are more elegant and classic imho.
  3. I guess it depends on how big is your bag for the size of the Agenda?

    For the Small Ring agenda, it's able to fit into a pochette accessories. So if your bag is any smaller than pochette accessories, i m afraid it'll not fit in ;)

    As for wallets, i prefer Pochette as i find it less bulky ;)
  4. In regards for the agenda pages, they at most I think have week by week, BUT you can always get refills from filofax which you can decide what type of format you want, which I'm sure they have monthly thing you would want.

    Now for the size, I've had both the small and the medium, the small is a good size and most members have that b/c its small enough to fit in most of your bags and has a good amount of room to write in (if you can write small).... But the medium which is my fav is bigger and have ample room to write and will fit in medium size bags and can double as a wallet (you have put your checkbook in the back, have several credit cards in the front and add things like zippy pockets for receipts and what not) Also the small can double as a wallet as well, but you couldn't fit as many cards in the front you'd have to buy a cardholder thing to put in it and it wouldn't fit a checkbook.

    A great place to look is at the Agenda Club on the Louis Vuitton Clubhouse, they're pictures of different inserts and agenda sizes and different things you can do with it :smile:
  5. If I'd buy one, it would be the pochette wallet. It looks so organised.
  6. I have the zippy wallet and love it!
  7. I personally love the Alexandra wallet.....
    but now that the Brazza is out in mono, it's also a tough choice for me too !!
  8. i prefer pochette wallet, simple and classic look with 10cc, for agenda i will prefer pomme small ring agenda, the size is perfect!
  9. I live in my pochette wallet. I love the 2 slots in the front and I find I can keep it more organized than the PTI
  10. I like the Pochette Wallet... I like the long look and just seems like you'd have more organization with that wallet.
  11. Pochette wallet