Alexandra Neel fit?

  1. All the ladies that already own a pair of Alexandra neel shoes - I am looking into buying a pair of flats but how do they fit? TTS/Small/Large

    compared to your other shoes - which sizes do you wear in each?

    are they comfy? I am asking cause I am also contemplating getting a pair for my mum and she needs comfy shoes...

    Any help appreciated... oh, and if you have post pics - for the eye candy ;)
  2. my feet are a little wide, so i'd say that her shoes are a little uncomfortable, if i'm wearing it more than a few hours, e.g. for work.

    i feel she cuts her shoes a bit narrow. but the funny thing is, i actually own 2 of the same pair of shoes, one in 6.5 and 1 in 7 (maybe someone before me stretched out the 6.5?) anyways, i'd say it's safer to try it on before buying.
  3. Thanks for responding! will do!
  4. I find them true to size.