Alexandra Knight

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  1. [​IMG]
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    Georgia with flap
  3. [​IMG]


  4. Where can you get these? Do you own any?
  5. They are nice dont have one YET ;)


    Alexandra Knight
    1942 Indiana Street
    Houston, Texas 77019
    Phone: 713.527.8848
    Fax: 713.521.2615
    By Appointment Only

    Forty Five Ten
    4510 McKinney Ave.
    Dallas, Texas 75205

    Alexandra Knight
    New York, New York
    By Appointment Only
    Patty Fischoff

    Saks Fifth Ave
    611 Fifth Ave.
    New York, NY10022


    Saks Fifth Ave
    Waterside Shops
    5395 Tamiami Trail North
    Naples, FL 34108
  6. They're sooooo beautiful! Do you know how much they are? It doesn't say on their wp.
  7. What's cool about the Alexandra Knight bags is that they're custom made for you. Here's a review from The Gadgeteer that describes the process of ordering, which includes specifying things like the hide, color, length of the straps, type of lining, etc.. Very cool (and expensive if you want alligator).

    I really, really like the Taylor Tote, but would want longer straps and maybe get it in a brightly colored ostrich (as in the review, ostrich would be "only" $3200 rather than $5500 for alligator). :smile:
  8. I don't love these, am I alone? LOL!
  9. Who is Alexandra Knight anyway? Why should I spend so much on one of her purses? Is she someone famous? I have never heard of her. Anyone know?
  10. You are not alone lol
  11. ok so who is alexandra knight?
  12. Never heard of her, and her bags looks like kate spade's classic stuff. Nothing new, here IMO. Im not feelin' it.
  13. And since that price list is from 2005, I'm betting they cost even more now.