Alexandra at Coach Allen, TX

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  1. I called last night and asked about Alexandra they told me they had Khaki, Studded OP Art, Apple and champagne. I called this morning because I had seen that some of the outlets had Patent Blue and the guy told me they didn't have any Alexandra's at all. So since I live so far I called Back to check because they had some yesterday and I am going Saturday. And, instead of saying they didn't have any, she said it would be easier just to tell her what color I was looking for, they had them all. And they held 5 just so I could compare when I got there
  2. khaki as in acorn?
  3. double post
  4. Wow they are holding five colors for you, that's great!
  5. Probably the khaki siggy
  6. Sorry!it is the siggy and yes they are holding all 5 bags. I was surprised that they would, but it probably means they have tons. When I bought the silver metallic I was so entralled I didn't notice any other colors. Love the style though. It's perfect