Alexander Wang X H&M

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  1. So just found out that this will happen in November!
    Kinda excited to see the style of the bags:smile:.

    (Sorry if this has already been posted.)
  2. I got so excited when I heard about it !
    However I doubt we'll have some Rocco/Rockie-inspired bags, it would be a bit as if Isabel Marant had done her infamous sneakers for her collection last year. They try to stick to their most coveted pieces without reediting their most famous one - Marant being the sneakers and Wang being the Rocco/Rockie.

    I think we should expect great knitwear, tshirts inspired from the T line, maybe one or two great coats for winter and several statement pairs of shoes, as well as small leather goods.
    Maybe some statement pieces of jewelry thanks to this collaboration.
    Also, we should make sure to have a look at the menswear collection - it's always full of hidden treasures.

    I could be wrong anyway :upsidedown:
  3. I'm really hoping they won't make a cheap version of the Rocco bag. Something about high end brands collaborating with lower end brands/stores turns me off. I realize it's a cool thing for the high end brands to get more exposure to the general public, but I would be really sad if he recreated a cheaper version of the rocco/rockie. :nogood:

    But if it's clothing, I would love to see what he can do for H&M. :smile:
  4. Wouldn't want a cheap version of Rocco. I wasn't happy with the faux Pashlis from the Target/Philip Lim collab.

    Clothing seems more like where AW and H&M would meet but I guess we'll just have to wait and see!
  5. should be interesting

  6. I agree. all pieces which I would buy. hope I get a chance. lol
  7. To me, H&M collabs are always better than Target's. The designers create new designs and styles, and even if you can tell it has brand-specific characteristics, there is never a replica.

    To me, a lot of AW items are not expensive because of the material or quality (i.e. his tees), but more so the cuts and design. Collaborations with a mass retailer usually implies compromise on the former, so this one should be good! Maybe the first one I'll ever line up for ;)
  8. +1.

    Not sure how I'll be able to get my hands on it from Australia though.
  9. Has anyone found a visual yet ?

    Too much suspense, an instagram vid is barely enough.
  10. I notice you're from Sydney - maybe a quick weekend trip to Melbourne H&M is in order? :smile:

    You have no idea how crazy excited I am for this collab. Seriously best news of the year! I am considering flying interstate or even overseas in November to check out the range! So excited for the shoes and bags!!! :heart:
  11. I wasn't sure whether the Melbourne store would even be getting the range.

    Instead of flying overseas, you may as well buy some classic Alexander Wang. But then again, any excuse for a trip right? ;)

  12. I'm sure they might, it is one of the biggest H&M stores in the world after all.

    I noticed this article at the bottom states that the collabs will feature in Aus. We'll just have to wait and see. :smile:
  13. Can't wait for this collection.

    The Isabel one was amazing, and still after the fringe boots (hope I can get them soon on evilbay)
  14. I'm excited too to see the results :biggrin: really hoping to find some good things and also hoping not to find a cheap version of the rockie/rocco!
  15. I'm dying to see photos, even one. I wish they'd release a tease already