Alexander Wang Alexander wang rocco, rockie and mini rockie.. zip hardware

Feb 22, 2017
Evening all..
So I've bought and sold so many A/W Rockies over the years and I seem to have noticed an inconsistency with their zips. I was wondering if someone could shed some light.
So to give some hx
I've had x2 roccos... they had the raccagni (followed by made in italy) zippers, leather pull tab.. and an interior ykk zip.
I've had 3 Rockies.. now these have also varied.. some have raccagni zips (followed by made in italy) saga zips for the sides and interior.. or depending on if it has a leather tab or not.. ykk zips..
I also have 1 mini rockie and that just has ykk zips throughout..
Is there a reason for this variation of zipper?
Just curious tbh.