Alexander Wang Rocco in Rose Gold

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  1. #1 Oct 12, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2012
    Ok, as of 5 minutes ago, I just bought my first Alexander Wang Rocco in Rose Gold. It is also my most expensive bag ever! I was agonizing over the Black Rocco in Rose Gold or the Dark Argon which is such a beautiful colour but because I found a 20% off the Rocco in Rose Gold (which saved me USD130+), I ordered that and have to heartrendingly leave the Dark Argon one behind. I am so excited and I look forward to receiving it!

    I just hope I have none of the problems about the pebbling or the quality!
  2. Hooray! You will be so glad to have your Rocco. This has been my all time favorite bag and I own plenty, including Balenciaga and Chloe. If you can get past the weight, you're going to love it. Can't wait to see pics!
  3. Thank you OverForTea! Now I just have to wait patiently. I did wonder how heavy it is going to be but I guess I just have to minimize the contents more for such a beautiful bag.
  4. Congrats & welcome to the club :smile:
  5. congrats! i have the same rocco, you'll LOVE it!! let's see pics when he arrives! :graucho:
  6. Yeah, thank you everyone! I look forward to participate in everyone's conversations about how much they love their AW :smile: Right now, I can't really say though I have a gut feel that I am going to be crazy about it!
  7. Woohoo congrats!! I love my Rocco in RGH to BITS, it just beats all the other rocco hardware colours. Sooo gorgeous. You'll love it!
  8. I received my Rocco today!


    I am now wondering because there are a few scratches on the Rose Gold hardware at the bottom, not a lot to be concerned about but nonetheless irritating because it is a brand new bag. One side of the pebbling is beautiful but the other side is slightly inconsistent. Anyone else has the same problems like me?

    Overall, I love it!
  9. Congrats, it is beautiful! Concerning the inconsistent pebbling, that is completely normal. It is a hit or miss really for all around pebbling. I know quite a few ladies on here (including myself) have the same inconsistency.
  10. I just carry the bag with the pebblier side out and the smoother side in.
  11. i love your bag, and love the rose gold. I really want one, but the size/weight and smaller opening on top made me return the bag. How do others deal with the scratching on the RG?

    I still want one though........
  12. What is there to deal with? I don't get it :shrugs: I carry the bag....any bag.......there will be signs of use. I know my eyes are getting worse as I get old(er) but unless I closely inspect the hardware specifically looking for flaws I would never notice any scratches.
  13. Where did u order and find the coupon? If you don't mind me asking of course. I'm very interested in purchasing this bag!
  14. Had my AW Rocco with rose gold for a week now and absolutely love it! I carry it on my back with the strap across the body and I love the weight of it, since I usually don´t have so much stuff in my bags. The hardware looks good and stands out nicely when bag carried on the back. It fits my style since I like to accentuate with either shoes or a bag. Yesterday I gave my niece the same bag as a pre Christmas present and she loves it too. Both bags had a couple of scratches at the bottom hardware already when I bought them, but this is a funky bag, not a Hermes or Chanel, so I don´t mind about a couple of scratches.
  15. I want to get a Rocco in RG too! I was thinking of getting it this coming week.. but I'm not sure if I should wait for Barneys to have a free international shipping promo or just get it sent to a US address instead. :s