alexander wang rocco duffle-should I get it?

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  1. I am interested in getting an Alexander Wang rocco duffle, can anyone tell me if you have one, how does the leather hold up? Any complaints? Any advice on finding the best price or selection? I'd love to get it on sale so I am willing to wait but I don't want to miss out on any seasonal or special colours. Has it ever come out in burgundy??:thinking:
  2. You should def get it!

    I don't have one but would love to get one!
  3. impulse buy it!! im just kidding ....but if you like it i say go for it...
  4. I have a black one with brass studs and I love it. I haven't had it long though but I can tell you that the leather is nice and thick and sturdy and no probs so far. I haven't worn it a lot as there's tons of rain here and I was a bit worried. I know there have been lots of posts about quality probs. Why don't you post on the AW forum and see what the ladies there think? Another thing I did was buy an inspired faux-leather Rocco from a French fashion chain, for those wet days over here. Good luck!
  5. Thanks so much for the information, sorry Mods please move this to the Alexander Wang forum if you need to.
  6. I absolutely love handbags in general but the Rocco's one of my favourites. I cant control myself when a new colour comes out. I need to know when to stop but i just cant lol. I definetly say go for it :smile:
    Did you ever get a Rocco?
  7. Absolutely yes!
    I got mine less than 2mths ago and I love it!
    The bag was not as heavy as I thought it'd be~;)
  8. I am still worried about the weight of the bag, do you guys were it on your elbow or do you find yourself using the strap instead?
    I am looking at the midnight colour right now and I am definitely waiting for a sale since most people who have posted on this forum wrote that you can usually find it on sale on some online sites.
  9. Go for it
    I got mine in august and i love it so much
    I usually wear in on my elbow and when it gets to heavy ( or when i just have too much useless stuff in it ) i just use the strap :biggrin:
  10. Thanks Sammie! I am just holding out for a good sale! Here in Canada it's $70 more than the US price!! Which is ridiculous! So I know I can get it for at :Pleast 15% off too so it's just a matter of waiting!
  11. It has been2 weeks that I have my Alexander Wang and I love it!!!!!The quality is perfect,it's perfect,soooo beautiful bag!It rocks!!And of course me and all of my friends say that the leather is so soft that you want to touch her all the time!I am thin and petite so I can wear it and as a soulder bag!I don't take many things with me and in my opinion it is not so heavy as they say!Yes it is more than the common bags but is not so much as they say!It's perfect!
  12. :d
  13. Go for it girl!

    I'm waiting for mine anytime soon....I got the black leather/brass studs combo. There is one in SPICE on the Barney's website and the color is absolutely tuh-die-for! Its a reddish-burgundyish-purplish color with silver studs.I opted for the black despite a minor stroke :faint:after seeing that on the website because I had a Bal in the same color family and I figured that 2 bags-same color-studded was overkill.:graucho:
  14. i should be getting mine tomorrow!!!