alexander wang or balenciaga?

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  1. which would you chose a balenciaga velo or an alexander wang rocco?
  2. Velo
  3. I would choose velo but if it was Alexander Wang I'd go with the emelie over velo
  4. I'd take an Iodine Rocco but that's just my preference. Never been a fan of the Velos.
  5. Well I like the rocco but it doesn't like me back it's too heavy for me. I'm not a big fan of the velo shape I've had a few I prefer the city over the velo as the velo is just too big for my needs. Even a GH velo will be lighter than a rocco.
  6. Velo...I have and love both, but the Rocco can get heavy! I think the Velo would be more practical as well as versatile. :smile:
  7. Velo any and everyday, IMO.
  8. Velo too! The Rocco is pretty heavy!
  9. Tough. I hate the Velo style, so between those, Rocco. But if it were a City or Work, then Bal > Rocco.
  10. Rocco!!!!!!

    What color hardware are you contemplating?
  11. Velo!:smile:
  12. Velo- so much lighter than the Rocco. Plus the outside pocket is more convenient than the little end pocket
  13. Velo gets my vote
  14. Velo by far because its awesome, other seems too trendy - just MO.
  15. Velo, without a doubt - Wang bags weigh a ton. -