Alexander Wang Max Fanny Pack

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  1. I just received the one that I won on ebay, it is from the AW sample sale, so there aren't many in this color. I figured no one really talks about this bag and I would love to see other people's as well. It's raining here right now so I couldn't get any pictures without the flash, but here it is:



    I'm not even sure how to wear it.. when I put it on one arm it doesn't hang off of me right, but that could be because I have nothing in it/I didn't shorten the strap enough. Can anyone with one suggest anything??
  2. I am no help here on this one but congrats. Missed you.:smile:
  3. I used to wear mine cross-body. I found trying to wear it one shoulder kinda awkward.

    Is that color grigio? It looks great!
  4. #4 Sep 16, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2010
    That's what the tag says, I like the color, I don't feel too worried that it'll get too dirty. Did you sell yours or something (since you wrote you "used" to wear it).

    I think Blake Lively is wearing it on one shoulder below, which is why I thought it is possible without it looking so weird:


  5. I didn't wear it too often so I sold it to a co-worker which funded a different AW bag. :smile: I don't think wearing it on one shoulder looks weird but it felt strange. I think b/c it did lie against the body like other shoulder bags. The top part seems to hang too far away. However it was very comfortable IMO when I wore it cross body style. I hope you take mod shots b/c I'm sure the bag looks great on you! Congrats on your new AW! :yahoo:
  6. Do you two ladies know anyone who might want to sell their AW fanny ?? I really love the cross body motorcycle chic look. If you ever find one or know of anyone wanting to sell theirs please let me know! If your coworker ever wants to sell the bag you sold her let me know!

    I was a little late to the party on that bag but would love to get my hands on it now.

    My email can be requested for further discussion and buying of you guys ever find anyone willing to sell.

    Thanks ladies