Alexander Wang Fall 2012

  1. Why is Saks calling that Burgundy Rocco a Dumbo Rocco? :thinking:

    I'm definately interested in the Pelican clutch! It would be a nice, versatile cross-body and evening bag - but definately not as common a Mono or the LV Eva. However, I think at that price I'd rather spring another couple of hundred and get myself another Rocco...
  2. Cait! Even is calling it "dumbo Rocco" so not cute!!! what gives?

    Saks is also very wrongly calling the lizard Emile in oxblood "burgundy snake" what the heck!! And they're calling cayenne rockie "mini Rocco" but got it right with the lime one that's on preorder.
  3. I need something in that burgundy...maybe a Fumo Zip-Around Wallet. :thinking:
  4. Dumbo is what Alexander Wang is calling it on his website.
  5. ALEXANDER WANG Brenda printed leather shoulder bag with a tweed / houndstooth print?

  6. i kind of like this mixed media marion. what do you all think? i guess i'd have to see it in person but the flocked suede sounds interesting.
  7. I love these bag...
    hope to have one...
  8. birchwood .jpeg bw2.jpeg bw3.jpeg
  9. Nice! I like that combo a lot. Cee, you are making it really hard to decide between another Rocco or a Rockie. :thinking:
  10. Birchwood is pretty! Makes me think of a lighter version of my quilted luggage :smile:
  11. Oh well, this color is so stunning! I'd jump on it immediately, but I just don't like the Gunmetal hardware somehow. :sad:
  12. I tried to investigate this color more and it seems to have sold out, I assume. When I search the saks site all I can find is the Birchwood Darcy.
    So I will contnue to :drool: over the pics Cee swiped off the site. :biggrin: