Alexander Wang Donna Hobo or Proenza Schouler PS1 Bag?!


Aug 27, 2010
Hey peeps,

I'm struggling to decide whether i should i get the Donna hobo or PS1 bag.
I know there is a great discrepancy between the 2 prices, but without considering the price, which ones which you guys choose? My dilemma is that i love the slouchy effortless chic of donna hobo but not sure if this "rock n roll" feel is very me and i am in doubt as to whether this one will be a timeless/investment item because i want a bag that will last me for the coming years.

I like the shape and of PS1 and it can be dressed up and down whereas donna seems good for casual wear but not necessary fitting for formal occasions?

Help me!
Love, Andie


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May 12, 2009
DDB Far East
Two very different is slouchy and while the other is structured. The good thing about Wang is that it's not overly rock and roll so almost everyone can pull it off and have more longevity compared to a full bodied stud bag...

Even if it's so called out of season, it's ok...cause I rather have a a bag with a style that suits me rather than looking like almost everyone


Feb 9, 2006
I think they are both different in terms of looks/style. The Donna is more slouchy and perhaps more casual but would still look good with workwear like pants and fitted dresses. But it's also edgier compared to the PS1

The PS1 to me is still pretty casual (unless you go for the black which looks more formal) but it does also look good with dressed up to a certain extent.

It depends on which look you prefer - slouchy vs structured. From what I've read on the PS1 thread, the PS1 pretty much retains its structured shape even with use. Go for the one which you think you'll match more of your wardrobe.


Sep 27, 2008
san diego
I wouldn't consider the Donna fitting for formal occasions, either, if that's one of your requirements. It would depend what colour PS1 you get, but I think that would be the more versatile choice, although I do love the Donna myself.


Jul 4, 2009
Dear omgpop, I don't know if I'm writing too late but you should definitely go for the PS1 - even though I worship Alex Wang. But if you need something that can fit both formal occasions and still be casual the PS1 is perfect! And with use it becomes broken it and does slouch more than you'd think - I have a medium black PS1 and its perfectly broken in so its slouchy and still retains structure. Also its more versatile as you can use the long strap for casual occasion and you can take it off and use the small handle for more formal occasion or even hold it as a clutch, whereas with the donna you can only wear it one way. The PS1 is an investment piece - trust me with this! Hope that helps!! :biggrin: you should update us with your decision!!