Alexander Wang Angela bag problem!


Ms. Holmes
Nov 1, 2012
New York, NY

Ok, so I have the Alexander Wang Angela bag. I love it to death. The only problem is the strap is super annoying! I don't pack the bag with a lot. just the essentials. Small fiji water (1.05 pt) my YSL french fold wallet, keys, phone, etc. Every time I wear the strap the long way like in the 1st pic, it always unfastens like the second pic. Every time I want to wear the straps the long way (which makes the bag cinch in) I always fidget with the strap. Should I be holding the bag like the 3rd pic instead of the long way?

Has this happened to anyone of you?

What do you do?



May 23, 2014
I have the Angela in brass. Every time I take it out with me I carry it like the 3rd pic, and I like the shape when I carry it that way. If I don't, the strap tends to slip to one side so it gets harder to carry. I don't have problems with the buttons on the straps unfastening though.