Alexander Skarsgård

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  1. Eric Northman, how do I love thee?...Let me count the ways.

    Another great performance and some epic bada**ery by Alex/Eric tonight.

    Promo for next week:

  2. perfect example of why the Sheriff is so indispensable to this show - the show was frankly dragging a bit - getting a bit melodramatic - and then Eric makes the whole thing smart and interesting again - can't wait for the next episode
  3. I have to say, I think that those scenes must be really fun for Stephen and Alex to film. After having done the series for so long, it's great to see actors get to let loose every now and then.
  5. And Anna Camp's and MicMac's.

    I'm hoping for a several hours long blooper reel at some point.
  6. Thanks, Free & Buckeye.:smile:

    Fresh off twitter/instagram from Stockholm today (August 5, 2013):


    "Just spoke to Alexander Skarsgård...

    Is myheart pounding? Answer yes."

    -emwallin via EmWallin twitter
  7. By the way I found in YouTube if anyone doesn't want to see the whole what Maisie knew movie they have only Alex scenes with everybody pretty much
  8. Just watched ep. 8 and wow.. can't wait to see some a**kicking by Eric! Hail to the Sheriff!
  9. I agree. I love the fact that Askars and Stephen get on so well.

    Lawdy Squirrel. I was reading over some past posts from the old thread and realized that I had missed your birthday (I think I was still in a coma from my bout with pneumonia at the time). Here's wishing you a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I hope you had a FANTASTIC birthday!

  10. Aww, thanks Mik! I can always drag out a good celebration! Would rather have you well, so that's the gift.
  11. Hi :wave: tku everyone for all the great info and photos. A small contribution :smile:

    Eric scenes TB6.08

    ASkarsgardCom/Published on 4 Aug 2013



  12. A slightly different synopsis for the finale episode has just been released: This is a good one. I wonder what the sacrifice will be? Himself? Eric? Jessica? Let's fan the "Alex is leaving" rumours

    ^ I joke but you know it will happen.


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    Last edited: Aug 5, 2013
    Here's all the episode recaps: Lots of good Eric/Alex reviews:,0,6874105.story

    Note: There's still one death to come that doesn't "take". I'm thinking it might be Sookie. I think IF they try and turn her that because of the "blood bond" with Eric, it won't be permanent.

    Edit: On the EW recap you can vote if you will miss the Shreveport wolf pack. 91.85% (at time of writing) voted NO. :lol:

  14. lol the only person who cares about the pack is Joe.
  15. Well I can honestly say that I couldn't care less about the pack and I'm glad that they are gone. And I must admit that Anna Camp is a great bad a$$ villain.
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