Alexander Skarsgård

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  1. #61 Aug 3, 2013
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    Thanks, Red, for the video link & letting us know what they were discussing.

    Thanks, Free, for the great poem by CB. Yep, she nailed it. :smile:

    A fan pic from instagram tonight (August 3, 2013):


    (Source: hanna_augustsson @

    Fan pic from the Roma Fiction Fest 2012.
    I think this is from October 5, 2012:


    (Source: Luigi-Toto Facebook via luigitoto twitter)
  2. More from tonight (August 3, 2013):


    "You know you’re in Sweden when you can dance and practice your #vampire looks till the next morning with #alexanderskarsgard

    #travel #stockholm #sweden #fun night #luckygirl #trueblood."

    -maycharters @


    (Source: linneasegerstedt @
  3. Thanks Free for posting that poem, very funny and true :lol:
    And thank you Santress for the pics.

    So Alex is back in Stockholm again? Next stop Gothenborg and WoW or do you think will he come to Uppsala and go to Bryan Ferry concert with me on Friday *lol*..
  4. lol after a pretty sh**y week this is perfect. its 100% true.
  5. Good morning ladies!
  6. #66 Aug 4, 2013
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    Thanks for the pics. That was a very good way to start my morning. :P
    I woke up a little late this morning. ;)
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  8. It seems he talks a lot more in his swedish and european interviews.
    Maybe the cultural differences are important. He feels more relaxed at home.
  9. I agree!
  10. Thanks for the video, Red.:smile:
    Thanks for the pretty, Sophie.:smile:

    Another from last night (August 3, 2013):


    (Source: sbexi @
  11. Another from (presumably) last night (August 3, 2013) that was uploaded this morning and just tagged now:


    (Source: mikeyland @
  12. Whoa. Must have been the end of the night. Lol.
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    At the Hammerby game today (August 4, 2013).


    (Source: joooohannakarlsson @


    (Source: moller313 @
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    Well, he's not working, so it's good to see him letting his hair down. Speaking of hair, I'm liking the reversion to light blonde, and what I assume is a tan - that whole look is working for him *and for me*

  15. It's DrunkFluffySkars!

    I find it amusing that you can tell how drunk/late it is by his hair floof.
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