Alexander Skarsgård

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  1. Thanks. Santress for the pics.
    Thumbs up to all of these. It's easy to project what WE want for him and his career, He's doing what works for him and if it doesn't fit in with what our expectations are then Oh well we have to deal with that. I think he's doing what makes him happy. Looking at what he's done with his time off in the past: sailing trip, walking with wounded, vietnam. What makes him happy in RL is what I think he's doing with his career, and I say good for him.
  2. Thank you for all the new photos ladies. I especially love the last one with his hands under his chin Santress. He looks so adorable.
  3. Good morning everyone! Love the pics thank you!! So, went on to once again check for tickets for the 18th in NY and it is standby only.. I won't be standing on line waiting :sad: I think it's a great thing though that it's sold out.. Just not great for us who wanted to go! Hopefully it'll be released in theatres soon. For now, we just have to live on the cute fan pics and occasional sightings we all love so much! Sigh😍
  4. I don't think we should be at all worried about his career! The man is insanely talented and just because he's not back to back on projects doesn't mean he's going to fail as an actor. I think he's the kind of person that doesn't need the hollywood lifestyle and all the expensive glam that goes with it. If he wants he can afford to just not work for a bit, and be selective on his projects. :smile:
  5. I agree skarsbabe[\B], well just look at his father. He's not in the paper or getting paper but still got good work.

    I wish for Alex some down time and hopefully he appeared on the NYC theater soon. Love to see him doing some off Broadway show.
  6. If he goes to Broadway (which would totally be amazing), I'd be back in NYC in a heartbeat! :biggrin:

  7. Nice to see Dirndls on the Forum :biggrin:
  8. Alex has repeatedly referenced the career of Stellan. Stellan has had fluctuations in his career but has always worked steadily over the decades, whether in lead or co-starring roles, huge films (Marvel, Mamma Mia, TPOTC, Good Will Hunter) or smaller ones/roles (Dogville, The Hunt for Red October)

    I think Alex is playing for longevity rather than "hot right now".
  9. I'm gonna see a play version of Dogville in two weeks. #AlmostOnTopic
  10. He's been working on something-The Trek, The Giver, DOATG, TB, Tarzan-since late summer 2013. Tarzan finished principle filming the middle of October. Despite my fretting, I do think it's perfectly reasonable to have this time off. And it seems like we go through some variation of this worrying every year around this time. It was either because he didn't have a movie role lined up already for the TB break, or because he didn't work on TB for a week and therefore Eric had been killed off.
    Joel K didn't do a movie for a year and now has three lined up.
  11. Fan pic from today in (presumably) London (March 9, 2015).
    There were some twitter reports of him watchin the play Closer at the Donmar Warehouse.


    "Alexander Skarsgard. Never fan girled so hard."

    -chloe_l_c @
  12. ^ Tku for the lovely fan photo :P I also found this, on the same a/c, quite interesting :cool:

    New Picture.png
  13. Hmm maybe there is truth to him dating her
  14. Rumors! Yay! well, at least it keeps us from getting bored... ;)

  15. Great photo! He's in London now? What a restless soul he is :wtf:

    Careful now....