Alexander Skarsgård

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  1. Yes he needs a break but he hasn't done anything since October and his name hasn't even been mentioned for any parts.

    If he is waiting until Tarzan is released it could be far too risky as it could end up being a massive flop at the box office and his career could be ruined which I don't want to see :sad:
  2. It's the same man who ran Real Estalker. I'll note that I posted that site's info on Alex's purchase, partly because he didn't give addresses. Not that it in some cases it would not be easy to find the address, but if you want it you have to hunt for it.

    IIRC, until recently a lot of information, like tax returns, were publicly available in Sweden. You'd have to dig through records, but it was public information.

    As for his future work, I know he needs a break, but I'd like to at least hear his name mentioned in rumors. It seems like it's the same few actors in his age group that get mentioned, and that gets annoying.
  3. In most cases, when someone's name is mentioned when it comes to the good/popular role, I'm feeling that it's more a matter of PR people of those actors, than the actual information flowing from the film industry. There are those actors whose name is often mentioned but somehow never they get roles in which supposedly they want them to see directors, producers, etc. Of course there are actors who are currently very popular and it's no surprise that their names are mentioned so often, but for me it very often looks like a guessing by some journalists and they're predicting the easiest names at the moment.
  4. In the spirit of this day, International Womens Day,
    this pic of Alex suits perfectly. :P


    "Wherever I am, there will always be women" ;)

  5. Ah...the Tour de Swag of Europe. Good times, much hotness.
  6. Thanks, Red.:smile: I know the lady who runs that blog. Very nice person.:smile:

    Some more pretties from the Sundance 2015 portrait sessions:


    (Source: characteristicallyexuberant tumblr)
  7. Thanks Red and Santress 😊
  8. Which is why I mentioned 'rumors'. I note that he doesn't appear to want to play that game, where his PR will throw his name in for some role just to keep his name out there, or even if it's a role he really wants.

    I do think there are people within the industry who do this as well, though. Whether it's to test the reaction to a possible casting, or to try and head off other rumors. IIRC two years ago, when Alex's name was suddenly thrown into the mix for the Crow remake, it was from an 'insider', because they wanted to muddy the casting waters-apparently they didn't want Hiddleston or something like that.

    Thanks Santress! He looks so adorkable in some of these.
  9. i wouldn't be surprised if Alex is still doing some post work on Tarzan. He's probably been called in to do voice overs for scenes during editing. Also he's going to have to block off a few months of time next year for Tarzan PR and travel to movie premieres. I
    I'm sure he's reading scripts and may even have some deals going on. Remember how he did the Calvin Klein films without it really being known. He deserves a break. He's worked like crazy the last few years. It really hasn't been that long anyway and he's had Sundance in there so his name has been talked about with all the good reviews. I'm sure he'll be at Coachella and then probably film something over the summer. He always seems to have a good game plan where his career is concerned. I think he's just recharging his batteries and getting ready for the next chapter. If Tarzan hits big, he's going to be even busier. I'm actually more worried about him finding love and having a family than his career. The more successful he becomes, the harder it may be to find someone who can handle his lifestyle and the demands he has to meet. I think what he's doing now, being away from the spotlight, is just what he needs to keep his life balanced.
  10. Tku Red for posting the beautiful manip, and Santress for posting the fab photos :P Just what I needed to see :biggrin:
  11. Thank you Santress for the lovely pic of our dork. Love them.
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    I'm worried about Alex's career too. But, also, I think that he is in NY for some purposes.
    I wish:yahoo:
    And, today, I'd like remember the women who are suffering the pain and the injustice.
    And, of course, thank you for all your pics, post... And good luck to get the tickets!!!:sunshine:
  13. Thanks Santress for the wonderful pics. :P
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    If he hasn't done some post, he will be. And he's well aware that in about a year, promo for Tarzan is going to pick up and take over his life for a few months.
    And I don't think he's worried about being away from the spotlight.

    I think the purpose for Alex being in NYC is that in August he said in an interview with Vulture that he was looking at apartments in NYC because he was moving there and that's what he's done.

    As for his career, it's rather obvious that in parts the fandom there's frustration and worry of the lack of a new role, 4 1/2 months after Tarzan finished filming. I'm making the presumption that he's getting scripts and doing work related stuff, not just hanging around concerts, coffee shops and art exhibits.

    I think he's done pretty well in role choices since TB really took off (summer of 2009) and I think he's trying to find something that is interesting and challenging to him. Do I want him to find something Right Now? Well, yes. :P Casting directors should stop hiring Chris Pratt/Pine/Evans/Hemsworth and BeneTommy HiddlesBatch for everything and expand their casting repertoire.
  15. I don't think there's anything to worry about. This seems like a break chosen by him as others have said. For a while there, he was getting papped at every party going, and especially on the streets of LA which I think didn't sit very well with him. I do think part of that was to do with True Blood - a requirement to be out and about - but still.

    New York definitely fits him better than LA. Just because we aren't seeing him, doesn't mean he isn't having meetings etc for other projects.