Alexander Skarsgård

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  1. it's kind of good to see him in NYC - it feels like (since he hasn't been hounded by the usual Bowery paps) that he's actually moved to NYC and has a bit of freedom. Which suits him, since it's more free from stalking than LA was, specifically. I'm sure some fan site has pinned down his actual address and deets, but I kind of love that we haven't and aren't providing the map to the crazies as it were...
  2. You mean we aren't going to the Chateau when we hit LA in a few months SS? ;) LOL
  3. Yeay. . New pic. This is going to be a great Friday. Thanks Santress!
  4. Gurl, we'll be all over that like flies on you know what. but Skars can be low key like he is. We'll just be the stalkers....
  5. Lol. Having a cocktail at the Chateau will be fun enough but hey an accidental Skars sighting would be the olive in my dirty martini.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if no one has. IIRC, no one knew that he'd bought a house three years ago until he himself mentioned it in interviews. And the city. And the month. And the architectural style, which made it easier to pin down, even though he'd bought it using a trust.
    So for now, I think he's safe from fans knowing the specifics.
  7. Are we certain he bought a place in NYC though? Wonder if he's staying long term. I like him there better than LA!
  8. In the interviews that he did in last summer he talked about his intention to move to New York and that he was looking for an apartment there. Now, perhaps more than a month he's in New York so rather it can be assumed that he has rented or bought something ... or he's in the process of strong an apartment search.

    ETA. Thanks all ladies for pics, gifs and informations about Alex :smile:
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    Ah man this sucks. Why do all these events happen at night time?


    I'm going into the city tomorrow for the first time in weeks. With all this snowing and cold weather, I'm having me a bad case of cabin fever. Going by the village (Kmart), then walking by Strands Books, Barnes and Noble then Burlington (I need some tops). That area seems to be one of Alex's hang outs, so if I see him around there I'll say hi and take a picture. If not, oh well. My real concern is finding some loose fitting tops that fits my body. It's hard to shop in stores if your plus size and when I can't find anything I want, I usually take the money and spend it on books instead. :rolleyes:

    Well they are not real fans if they are stalking him and pinning down his address. That's called stalkers or psychos if anything. Like those 3 crazy female psychos who stalk him and his family for pictures all over freakin' California. So far, other then the weirdo who took a picture of him and Alexa having lunch (then selling the picture to Perez and creating a unrealistic story) and the paparazzi photos, he seems to be able to go around without problems. All the fan photos in New York have been respectful as well. I think us New Yorker's just don't go too crazy when it comes to famous people anyway. :shrugs:

    Oh wow, he was at MOMA. I love MOMA. :tup:

    I never been to the Armory show, but been to some of the daytime events at MOMA. Amazing museum. From what I read you have to have a year's membership to be at The Armory events so it looks like Alex is a MOMA member? Or maybe he just gets in because he's a celeb :shrugs: Anyway, info on these pages for those who want to go to the museum. and
  10. I think that's one of the reasons he likes NYC, aside from the fact that he really just likes the city.

    Not according to the website, you can buy individual tickets. I have no idea if he'd became a MOMA member, we know that he does like his art exhibits, so it wouldn't surprise me if he became a member.
  11. The Modern restaurant in the MOMA is to die for as well. I'd be surprised if he hasn't been before.
  12. I used to live in NYC and now travel there almost every week, so agree, NYCers don't really notice celebs, but there are still paps. in the spirit of "real fans" versus others, back in the early days of Skarsmania (i..e., 2009 or 2010) all his sites would have probably found a way to publish his actual address and other details. He's gotten a break by passing that early stage and also I'm sure that it's out there, but glad that we at TPF don't choose to put it there. THR has a real estate reporting section that pretty much rats out every celeb, but good that we haven't done that, because as you note, there's enough people waiting on every doorstep. Hope he's enjoying New York, it seems more his kind of gig than LA.
  13. Is anyone else a little worried for Alex as nothing has been announced about his next project?
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    Personally, I'm not worried at all. He's working 7 years on TB, the last year almost without rest so he needs some break like a normal human being. He knows what it's good for him and I have a feeling that he's doing now what he needs, likes and what enjoys him. He doesn't need to hurry, he doesn't have to take any proposal of any role that isn't interesting for him, because he has the money (which probably suffice him for very long) but if there will be something exciting for him, some dangerous, challenging, strange and difficult role, for sure he will work again :smile:
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    I have a feeling he does have membership and it's really worth paying for it if you have the extra money and able to go to any event (day or night) and preview of exhibitions. :yes:
    I remember 2009 & 2010 Skarsmania....


    If Alex didn't run into hiding after the craziness of the early TB mania, then I think he could survive anything. lol

    I didn't know there was even a website that posted celebrity home addresses and stuff like that. I'm glad I didn't know it either....until you just mentioned it. lol That's nuts and stalkerish. Wrong in every level. :tdown:
    Yeah, as you know, there's many celebs walking peacefully in NY. I seen SJP with her kids walking down the street. Her husband. Alec Baldwin. etc. But I never even bother to go up to them or anything like that. For me it's like "oh, there's the Sex in the city girl" and that's it. The only time I ever did go up to someone famous was when Raising Helen was being filmed in my neighborhood, and I adore Kate Hudson, and there she was smacked in the middle of Sunnyside, Queens filming a movie. She was a total sweetheart to everyone there. Nice experience. :smile:

    Another actor I really love is Michael Pitt. He was in Hedwig and The Angry Inch and Boardwalk Empire among many other stuff I loved him in. He lives in Brooklyn and I seen him a few times over the summer when I go to Coney Island. I never dared to go up to him. Never will either. Great actor but he hates people going up to him for pictures and autographs unless it's an event, so I always respected his space. I enjoyed him from a distance. lol I seen he takes photos with fans that stop him in the middle of the street and he rarely looks happy. He's the polar opposite of Alex. lol

    I miss seeing him on my TV every week, but I'm not worried about him. He needs a break.