Alexander Skarsgård

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  1. #6871 Mar 3, 2015
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    ^ Oh Gloomy :cry: it's 7pm and 8pm, (in the boxes to the right of tdoatg blurb), I feel for you lady :hugs:

    Eta: Hold on, I'll just check that!! Eta2: This is a link to the full festival website and it says 7 and 8 pm there too. It might be worth 'phoning them but *hugs you tightly*


    Eta3: Is it just me but have tpf stopped sending reply/quote notifications? :wondering
  2. good luck ladies! be sure to report back and don't be starstruck! :cool:
  3. Morning everyone, thanks so much for all the great GIFs & pics you post (& I love the banter!) - it's always such a nice way to start the day with a morning dose of Alex :smile:

    Bella - really hope you get tickets for tdoatg, you can be our spy on the inside :smile:. Have a great day everyone!
  4. Moorning! (ugh it's far too early) Thank u all for the great pics and gifs.

    I think I'm going to try to get a ticket too. I keep my fingers crossed for us Bella. :smile:
    Hope everyone has a great day wherever you are in the world!
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  6. That last pic cracked me up lol!! I read they go on sale to public on the 9th maybe I was wrong!! Did I miss out before I even got started??!! Lol
  7. They go on sale to the public on the 10th. There's nothing in the standby info that says they've set aside any number of seats for the general public. You can always call/email to see if they do.
  8. Thank you! I'll see what happens :smile:
  9. Thanks, Buckeye.:smile:
    Hope all you ladies that want tickets to the Diary screening get them.:smile:

    Fan pic from today in NYC (March 5, 2015) at (possibly) The Armory Show:


    "This is a lie. #Eric Northman."

    -fikretagram @
  10. He looks delicious and this would be my expression too. Right before I jumped on top of him. *on topic*
  11. Hurrah - a new pic, he is still out there :woohoo:. I can go to sleep happy now. Txs Santress
  12. Looking good!
  13. Love it!!
  14. Her expression would be my expression. But then I'd pass out before I could do anything, like speak, or grab hold of him and not let go.
  15. Tku Santress :smile: that is a fab fan photo, I've had a rubbish day, and now I'm smiling almost as much as that sweet lady :biggrin:

    Hah Buckeye, either Alex or I would end up fainting, as I'm with Ms Kiah, in the 'jumping' camp ;)
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