Alexander Skarsgård

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  1. Alex is really enjoying his time @ home. I think Kayleigh might see him at WoW. I was worried we'd be in Skarsdrought when he went home, but he's been photographed enough, so I'm good with that.
  2. He will probably be at WoW and I agree that he seems to really enjoy being home this summer.
  3. Another from yesterday (August 1, 2013), tweeted today:


    "I met Alexander Skarsgård yesterday, he touched me, he called me for the man. Do you understand that?! SUPERVISOR."

    -MikaelEinarsson @ twitter
  4. From the film Disconnect:







    … he’s broken inside.

    Gifs: skarsgardalexander.tumblr
  5. Also from Disconnect. :smile:



  6. Thanks for the gifs, Red.:smile:

    An adorable oldie from TIFF 2012.
    Writer/editor Selin Gürel with Alex and Onata:


    (Source: selingurel_ @ twtiter)
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    Just watched About Sara, and Melancholia, so my Friday night looks happy.. *sarcasm* but a glass of wine might help *lol*... hope everyone having a great day.
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    Alex in Denmark posted July 29th 2013

    Source : Santress tumblr
  9. Hot day here in Uppsala, it's now 5 pm and at least 34 C outside, I think I might go for a swim soon. :supacool:
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    A link to a videointerview with Alex in

    The interview is in danish-swedish, Alex talks of course swedish but he
    talks a little english as well. :smile:

    From the video:

    Alex talks about the casting process for the role of Maisie in the movie WMK.
    He saw a lot of children in process but many did not behave like a 6 year old child.
    Example: some of them could name the people in the productionteam and he thought that was very odd to do if you are 6 years old. He thinks many children in Hollywood are under a lot of pressure from their parents to behave in a certain way.
    (He says) when he met Onata he liked her immediately. She behaved so natural and had lots of energy.
    He also talks about the film Melancholia and the work with Lars von Trier.
    He would have done anything to be a part of this film he says jokingly, even make
    expressocoffe for Lars in the morning if he wanted him to. :smile:
    It was one of the best experiences in his career so far (to have been a part of the
    movie Melancholia). He learned a lot from that and had lots of fun during the shooting of the film.
    (I think she asked him of Melancholia and Lars von Trier because he is a danish director)

    Google-translation of the text benith the video:
    (It´s rather good)

    OMG, he seems to have confirmed that he will play Tarzan in the film by David Yates,:happydance:
    but it is only mentioned in the text benith the video not in the interview itself.

    I don´t dare to belive it´s true until it is officially confirmed by Warner Bros. :-s


  11. It´s very hot up here in the north to where I live. Been out in the sun all day. :sunnies

    I need to chill down. :cool:

    Partytime tonight. :drinkup:
  12. Good interview, I like it and nice to hear him speak Swedish.
  13. everything about how he is behaving says to me he has something big coming up - big enough that he can spend this summer relaxing - not working. Given how relentless a pace he has kept up - a summer off says a lot. Whatever it is - and it sure looks like Tarzan - he feels confident enough to slack off a bit - I expect that he is considering other future projects too - so he may do something come the Fall - but it looks more and more like he has something big coming up - and he is about to see some changes in his life. Good for him!!
  14. and Thanks Topsy for posting the video - interesting to see the cultural differences - a US interviewer would have interrupted AS instead of just letting him talk.

    He looks great too!

    It is oddly cool here in the northeastern US - but no complaints from me - tomorrow if no rain - I do hope to get a swim and some BBQ. My veggie garden is coming into its stride - have sooo many tomatoes - LOL - too bad I can't send some of the excess to you all over the internet!
  15. From the ever-hilarious CanadianBeaversLoveAskars:


    Rumors of my guy’s demise
    bring puddles to dear Kristin’s eyes.
    But how could it, should it, ever be,
    they’d take that tall blond vamp from me?
    The only reason that I watch,
    the one I love with all my crotch.
    Whose every growl and pop of fang
    make me cheer and want to bang.

    Still such a viking through and through,
    the one that chicks all want to screw. (except for Sooks, doll get a clue)
    Cus what the f**k, and how in hell,
    do the the writers think that Bill’s so swell?
    I would not watch this show for Bill.
    I would not watch I’ve had my fill.

    The new guy is a clumsy yutz,
    expected awesome got a putz.
    Then there’s the wolf, my god he’s boring,
    even naked and three way whoring.
    And cheezus poor old Sam Merlotte.
    Custody battle? That’s the best you got?

    Other than the Northman clan,
    I’m just not that big a True Blood fan.
    So if they want to piss off the viewer,
    and toss this thing straight in the sewer,
    I’ll tell them now, for Eric’s lasses,
    they can stuff next season, and kiss our a**es.

    Source: CanadianBeaversLoveAskars

    I think she pretty much nailed it :lol:
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