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  1. ^^Speaking of film festival material. Jim Jarmusch is currently shooting his movie Only Lovers Left Alive here in Germany. I'm so excited for this movie to be released. It's about vampires but it's also Jim Jarmusch and Tilda Swinton so definitely no sparkly matter here. And he's much like von Trier in his behavior and conduction. He's very reclusive, likes to have certain actors in his movies, well and he prefers to shoot his movies in Germany. And Wim Wenders was his mentor.
  2. EXACTLY! KStew and that director guy are just...just...I can't say what I actually think on here, but you get the jist.

    Fast metabolism or not, IMO, Askars looked the sexiest in Generation Kill. And yes, the extra pounds/muscles helped and are what got my attention when I first saw him in 2008. He's still sexy, but a thinner sexy.
  3. Shout out to DeafningSilence for the phone call last night er...this morning (LOL!) :hugs:! Girrllll, no worries, I am a true nightowl :party:
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    Pretty weird, skarsgardnews reports that Alexs contract is for 7 seasons.. How reliable are they, because I don't buy it.. They probably mean years (would be about 6 seasons) According to them they are the no.1 skars-source and approved by him, but still, must be a mistake right? Love TB, but god.. Stretching the timelines even more, it has to end eventually, before it turns into a huge corny trainwreck..
  5. AFAIK 7 year contracts are the standard. IIRC Joel Kinnaman signed a 7 year contract for The Killing too. It doesn't mean 7 seasons will be done though - if I understood it correctly, that is. :smile:
  6. Yeah, but they say 7 seasons, my idea is that they confuse it with 7years, which comes down to probably 6 seasons.. Ah well, we will see, maybe they will correct it:smile:
  7. The writer's strike a few years back messed up the timing of a lot of shows, Breaking Bad ended up having a short first season because of it, filming of the second season of Mad Men got postponed a bit etc, so they may write the contracts based on seasons and a certain number of episodes per season instead of on a yearly basis. The product they have to deliver to the network is based on that rather than on an annual basis so it would make sense to align the actors' contracts with the deliverables.
  8. I can't say what I think of the people who comment that it's ok because everyone involved is an open relationship/it's all staged, and variations thereof.

    If these people are Americans, and they vote, I'm beginning to understand why we get the elected officials we do.

    I still like the show, but I think they need to end at 6. Leave us hoping that they'd done more, not hoping that they ended at S4 or S5.
  9. The season could end next year on Season 6, and they all would have fulfilled their 7 year contracts. The contracts start when they begin prep-work on the show, readings, PR etc..not when the show actually airs....I did the math, its been posted a couple of times.
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  11. Poor Eric, being the only sober and sane vamp in roomful of drunk/high vamps who probably wouldn't appreciate being told their vision of Lillith is probably a hallucination.

    He could have used the Om Sara gif :smile:

    Slightly OT: I usually never dream of celebrities, the only time I've dreamt of Alex was a few months ago when I dreamed I was watching some news report that he'd been signed to do a remake of Ghostbusters.
    So last night/this morning I dream that I'm stuck in a car with KB and the life partner headed out to the Mojave Desert to film a commercial for Jewel Mint.
    My subconscious hates me.
  12. Thanks, Free, Bags & Jooa.:smile:

    Fan pic from when Alex was in NYC:


    (Source: KAHVM @ twitter)

    Here's an almost seven minute clip from Anna Karenina.
    Maybe it'll give you better dreams, Bucky?;)

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