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  1. I'm still reading the old threads on Alex but I was looking at some of the recent photos with him. Do any of you think he might be losing too much weight? :wondering
  2. I don't think so. I rather think that recently he is more beefy than in the season 4 TB. However, considering that he will be shooting the film "Hidden", in which he will be hidden for months in the shelter (I guess, not too much food) so I think he maybe wants to spend a lot slimmer than usual.
  3. He still looks good and I know he has a thin frame, but yeah, he looks rather thin these days. It's surprising that I find Askars attractive at all because I usually like my guys to have meat on their bones. I think it helps (for me ;)) that he seems to have a good personality.
  4. Don't forget season 1was filmed after Gen Kill where he and the other guys on set would work out everyday between filming. He is naturally slim.
    By season 3 he lost most of the muscle bulk.
  5. I know ;)
  6. I never thought he looked that bulky for GK, since the RL Brad Colbert isn't. Muscular, yes, but not bulky.

    Perhaps I should watch GK for the 1000th time just to make sure :smile:
  7. @mik1986

    I agree with the meat on the bones part. Yes, he is goofy and sexy at the same time.


    Thanks to the older threads, I actually know what you mean about his physique.
  8. AMEN! I need something to hold onto :graucho:
  9. ^^^Totally agree! :biggrin:
  10. And I am curious once again.. Hope there is not gonna be a huge cliffhanger, I won't survive the break in between seasons in that case :roflmfao:
    Hope they won't kill off Russell and Newlin, they are hysterical! (And of course not the main cast haha)

    He fluctates a lot in weight, or it is just the angles he is photographed in. Sometimes I see pretty big differences between Alex on TB and Alex getting papped, but guess that is mostly because of the months in between shooting and airing of the show. Naturally he is skinny (or just thin), on Straw Dogs he had pretty big muscles, same with Generation Kill. If I compare seasons of TB I see pretty big differences in his appearance because of that. He easily puts on muscle I guess, because he worked out so much during his days on GK.

    Off topic: Godddd, the drama surrounding Twilight right now.. Wow. personally hate the movies, but all the gossip right now.. Big drama.
  11. :ghi5::biggrin:
  12. @Phantasmagoria

    I'm beginning to see that he really is slim. Plus, I haven't seen True Blood yet, so I really couldn't use it as a reference. :smile:

  13. When he doesn't work out, and I'm going to presume that he's probably not worked out since he finished filming TB about a month ago, he seems to revert pretty quickly back to his current natural state, which is naturally lean and not too bulky. He also mentioned having a fast metabolism (the lucky snot!)

    As for the KStew drama, I feel sorry for the wife and the children and even for Sparkles. But I have to admit, I'm getting a perverse kick out of watching the Twihards go into complete meltdown. It entertains me much more than it should.
  14. I'm with you. It's like a train wreck. You can't look away. The progression of this story has been so fast. Every time I've checked today, there's been a new development. The passion of the fans (especially the ones who are still denying it) reminds me of early Alex/KB days. People didn't believe, more accurately, didn't want to believe it and tried to come up any excuse to deny what's going on. The Twi fandom is extremely passionate, and this is a 9.9 on the richter scale for them.

    I would love to see what Ted has to say about this, but he hasn't tweeted in a couple of days. I wonder where all his AT Twihards went when he left? JJ had over 400 comments on the initial story. I think it's more than the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes divorce got. This will be interesting to watch for the next few days.

    ETA: this is a very interesting situation to watch from a PR standpoint. I get no joy from the actual story.

  15. This is much worse than the Alex/KB stuff, partly because Robsten are so much more well known, at least there are greater numbers of freakouts. I think it's even worse than the whole Team Bill/Team Eric hissy fits that go on.
    Partly because a lot of the Twihard are tweens/teens and that age group where everything is just so ... intense, or whatever.

    Their PR people are probably wonder why they got into this field, at least for this week.
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