Alexander Skarsgård XVI

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  1. This from EW re: Squirrels confirmation on True Blood's renewal.
  2. Does it make me weird that when watching Eric's reaction to finding out Tara was his vamp grandaughter what was going through my head was having Alex as Brad Colbert going 'like I have to deal with this too?" from GK's Combat Jack episode?
  3. Disconnect will come out on 12th of April 2013.

    from Skarsstarved
  4. Now if we could only get info concerning WMK and The East.
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  6. Thanks Vamp. This has been coming for a while, since Ted changed his twitter handle, which seems to signal it was closing out. No more interpreting riddles.
  7. Just popping in to much as Ted's articles have been sliding lately, I saw this as a little sad. I've been following Ted since his days in print at "Premiere" magazine, when he was the go-to for good gossip. He also got some great interviews with big stars during his time there, that were off the cuff and spontaneous.

    I'll never be able to watch "The Valley of the Dolls" without thinking of him. he named himself after one of the characters in the movie. Very fitting.
  8. I don't mind Ted but I've always found it somewhat unrealistic with all the hidden gays, he seems to think there are in Hollywood. I'm not sure I believe him on that.
  9. I know I don't believe him on that. There are some commenters on other gossip sites who follow that line, and my reaction is always to wonder what's with their heads.

    Maybe with Ted's leaving E he'll stop with the 'Alex should play Christian in 50 Shades of )(@*)#$(* wishful rumors (maybe I'm just being delusional with that hope).
  10. Thanks, Vamp, for the vids!:smile:

    Fan pic of Alex in Sweden:


    (Source: elahn89 @
  11. I agree, he was good back when, but now his site is nothing more than Twihards talking about Robsten (are they or aren't they together, yada, yada, yada).

    BTW, congrats on becoming a contributing correspondent at Bullet. Good on you.

    This annoys me, too.

    Yes, please put an end to the shipping of Skars doing the movie. Here's an article about new actors for consideration of, as you so eloquently put it, 50 Shades of )(@*)#$. I am all over anyone else being considered. Here's the article:

    just glad Skars is not on the list.

    Here's an article from an interview w/Nora (LG). Spoilers.
  12. Thanks for this. I hope he's enjoying his quiet time at home.
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