Alexander Skarsgård XVI

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. oh, I hate when I was going to say something and then the thread gets too fat and cuts off. Well, Welcome to Alexander Skarsgard Sweet 16!!!:yahoo::happydance::balloon::woohoo:

    Santress, we need some pretty for a lucky charm....!!

    That thread 15 was a long one...
  3. Re Fassbender Bagberry

    I didn't know but then again i havent been paying too much attention to whats been going on in the entertainment industry lately, haven't really read much about him and not a huge fan, only seen him in X-Men First Class and know that he is a big deal right now.....I just get over excited if there is any stardust on the wind in my location.......sad i know!:lol:

  4. Hee hee, sorry about that! :angel: Have fun in your new thread! :tup:
  5. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I've also only seen him in Inglorious Basterds. Will check out Shame soon.
  6. that a new word for the Fassdong?!:lol: Which deserves it's own zipcode. Yep, I think if you have gotten hooked and read up on him, you know stuff. If you're passing by, you don't. Just like we know far too much trivial stuff on Skars, but no one else cares except to want to see him with his shirt off. Shallow b*tches!:cool:
  7. I saw him in "Shame" ... and nothing, even his huge "thing" didn't do impress me :P Fassbender isn't my type though he is very good actor and nice to look at him.
  8. Here ya go. Some pretty to christen the new thread. I thought the old one was going to go on forever.:P


    (Source: Sancto Erico) tumblr)


    (Source: brushfirefairy @ twitter)



    (Source: canadianbeaversloveaskars tumblr)


    (Source: The Superficial)



    (Source: Just Jared)


    (Source: AndreaXX Photography via andreamaille tumblr)
  9. ^^BurberrySkars and SuitSkars will always get us going hot for him. *swoon*


    tumblr_lemwh3AVU81qegnb5o1_500.jpg tumblr_lz5cqzPnla1rogb13o1_500.png

    tumblr_lw0uyxuvYK1qdk56wo1_500.jpg Alexander+Skarsgard+Cover+Star+Kate+Bosworth+P_Yrbb73HCIl.jpg
  10. Hahahahaha...SpongeBob made me snort. Denim and suits and scarves and good hair...ahh...all we need is some plaid! Thanks Santress and Bag, very lovely indeed.
  11. It's actually really hard to find him in plaid. He hasn't worn much of it lately. And the shirts repeat of course.


    iloveboyswhosparkledotcom.jpg normal_15.jpg

    alexeqeye1.jpg alexanderskarsgardfansdotcom.jpg
  12. My husbands dinner is burning because i am too busy looking at these pics:giggles:

    Thank you ladies for the pretty
  13. alexjeff.jpg

    skarsgard_wenn5413834.jpg tumblr_lquhzqWbCR1qa2ovmo1_500-1.jpg

    This picture is from last September taken at the One Model Management’s 10 Year Birthday Bash. Looks new to me.

  14. Thanks for these Skarslovephoto :smile:

    ps. Of course, dear Ted C. wrote something about AS and EO
    Dear Ted:
    Alexander Skarsgård and Elizabeth Olsen: Actually dating or just happened to be chatting and the usual Hollywood "they were talking so they must be together"? And what's your thought of them together?

    Dear Skolsen?
    Simply chitchatting, B. At least according to the younger Olsen herself. But Alex does love himself a hot young blonde and few are hotter on the movie scene than Elizabeth these days. If they were to hookup? Hmmm…I wouldn't hate it.
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