Alexander McQueen

  1. I picked up a pair of his pumps on Friday, and I have to say, they are fun! Probably in the category of not wearing outside the house ... this is a picture I found of the same style, but different color (mine are a pale pink/nude color). Does anyone know what collection they're from?
  2. They are from the Spring/Summer '07 RUNWAY collection. Very rare couture shoe. I have those and love them!
  3. Thank you! :smile:
  4. Soshe, congrats I love those shoes. I saw them at the BG sale in the pink color but my size was not available. Enjoy!
  5. Cuteness! Love the black on white.

    foxycleopatra, We'd love to see a photo! :flowers:
  6. I took a pic of mine!! :smile:
  7. I'm not that familiar with his shoes but there is a pair on NAP I am lusting over. They are sexy, cute and fun all at the same time. I noticed recently that Gwen Stefani is weraing them in her spread in the May 2007 Bazaar. At least I'm pretty sure these are the soes she's wearing in one of the photos.

  8. I love those. Are they from this season?
  9. Bags - they are from SS07 but they are probably sold out everywhere or have been sent to jobbers.
  10. The shoes are so cute! Congrats!
  11. Those are so pretty. They're to die for. Congrats, they're beautiful shoes. I love Alexander Mcqueen's pumps, they're so fun.
  12. What fun!
  13. Alexander McQueen makes some seriously sexy powerful shoes! They're so hot! Hell, I'd wear them to the grocery store LOL!
  14. Those are so pretty! Enjoy them!
  15. Those shoes are soooo sexy! I love them!